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Posted by Jasmine Lee / Friday, November 16th, 2012

By David Gignilliat

Securetain [si-kyoor-i-teyn]

n., a person with the superhuman ability to remember, without using a password sheet or the aid of a software, dozens of login/password combos for online websites


For those who may be intimidated by remembering scores of letters, numbers and symbols, there are retail software and smartphone apps that have emerged for this purpose. App47, headquartered in Reston, develops advanced enterprise mobile application management services, and recently announced its partnership with CloudLink, an Austin, Tex.-based company, which offers password management solutions.

On his route home, via Metro, Jeff sat down and pulled his tablet out, checking his online finance accounts. He flipped through his mental Rolodex, remembering the appropriate logins and passwords. Within seconds, he had logged into each site, reflexively remembering all passwords. A securetain, he had been blessed with the ability to retrieve his personal details on demand..


(November 2012)

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