McDonnell case begins today; MacDowell Brew Kitchen buys beach

Posted by Editorial / Monday, July 28th, 2014

By Emily Rust

McDonnell case begins today with jury selection
(NBC 4)

MacDowell Brew Kitchen purchases outdoor beach from town of Leesburg
(Washington Post)

Virginia sales tax holiday this weekend
(Leesburg Today

First rush hour for Silver Line
(Washington Post)

Dollar Tree buys Family Dollar

Graphic Life: His Excellency, The Accused

Posted by Editorial / Monday, July 28th, 2014

On July 28, former Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, begin their federal corruption trial on the accusation they illegally accepted over $165 million in gifts from Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams.

Bob McDonnell and Maureen McDonnell

Photos by Jonathan Timmes (Bob McDonnell); Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call/Newscom (Maureen McDonnell).

Prosecutors allege they accepted $11,000 in New York City shopping trips, $15,000 in wedding catering, a Rolex watch and private jet travels, among other things, in return for their help in promoting pharmaceuticals for the company. If convicted, the couple faces up to 30 years in prison and up to $1 million in fines.

In today’s world of #feloncrushfriday, tell-all book deals and second-chance political careers, here’s how the McDonnell’s future could play out.



Bob McDonnell corruption trial


(August 2014)

Northern Virginia named hub of new disease; Silver Line Service Makes Metro Want To Dance

Posted by Editorial / Friday, July 25th, 2014

By Carten Cordell

After Years Of Waiting, Start Of Silver Line Service Makes Metro Want To Dance

Manassas case rekindles debate over penalties for ‘sexting’
(The Washington Post)

Northern Virginia named U.S. hub of ‘kissing bug disease’

Bristow group has housed hundreds of immigrant children

Fairfax County votes on extending Mondays for elementary students; Reston woman accused of funding Al-Qaida

Posted by Editorial / Thursday, July 24th, 2014

By Kate Masters

The Silver Line opens July 26, but Fairfax County infrastructure may not be ready for it

The Fairfax County School Board votes today on extending Mondays from a half day to a full day of classes for elementary students
(Washington Post)

Virginia joins a distance learning agreement for online college classes

A Reston woman is accused of funding an al-Qaida-linked terrorist group


Fifty Shades of Grey trailer premieres

Posted by Editorial / Thursday, July 24th, 2014

By Carten Cordell

Scores of surreptitious Kindle readers and shy book clubs buyers take note, the long-awaited movie adaptation of the dominant-submissive love story of our age, Fifty Shades of Grey, now has a trailer.

The Internet was flushed this morning with anticipation for this first glimpse of the film, which opens Valentine’s Day 2015, starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan.

Running 2:33, viewers are ensured to be first confused, intrigued, possibly a little dizzy and ultimately wanting more than the trailer is prepared to give.

Nevertheless, you will just have to wait with this brief taste of the film, practically shackled in expectation, for another seven months. Enjoy!


Silver Line Means Longer, More Expensive Commutes for Fairfax; McDonnell trial puts Va. politics in spotlight

Posted by Editorial / Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

By Carten Cordell

Silver Line Means Longer, More Expensive Commutes For Some Fairfax Residents

What to know about the Silver Line’s effect on bus routes

Virginia Politics Likely To Be Under Microscope In McDonnell Corruption Trial

Granddaughter of former Redskins owner George P. Marshall condemns team’s name
(The Washington Post)

Environmental group lists top Va. 15 areas for pollution

Forget binoculars, Google Glass is the new way to see opera

Posted by Editorial / Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

 Hattanas Kumchai/ (Google Glass)

Google Glass. Photo courtesy of Hattanas Kumchai/

By Emily Rust

First there was the opera and the public’s attempt to understand music in a foreign language. Next was the supertitle, English subtitles projected above the stage, making the opera more accessible to everyday folk.

Today there’s Google Glass, the next step in opera accessibility. The highly talked about tech gadget is making its first large scale debut (following Onsight Opera’s small June performance of “Pygmalion” in New York) on the opera stage at Wolf Trap’s performance of “Carmen.”

After Kim Whitman, Senior Director of Opera at Wolf Trap, was selected as a Glass Beta explorer a year ago, Wolf Trap collaborated with Figaro Systems, who first introduced seatback tilting in 1995, to discuss innovate ways to use Glass with opera.

On July 25, visitors sitting in the lawn section will be able to view translations of the French opera directly on their smartphone or Glass through MobiText.

When supertitles were first introduced in the 1980′s they were seen as the end of opera.  “Some people called it blasphemy,” Geoff Webb, president of Figaro Systems says.  Today Webb says an opera house won’t function without them.  And now there’s Figaro System’s MobiText technology which Whitman says “sparks involvement in a new wave of supertitle delivery.”

With the ability to see English translations on a smartphone or Glass, lawn users who often are too far away to see supertitles will be able to follow along in the palm of their hand with real-time translations.

Those worried about the new technology distracting from the performance can rest assured that the night will still be focused on art. MobiText will only be available in a portion of the lawn, with the entire house and small section of the lawn labeled as “device-free.” A black screen with white text will keep phones at a low glow allowing visitors to still enjoy the opera.

Besides Glass’s ability to provide an easier view of supertitles for the lawn audience, it also adds to Wolf Trap’s history of accessibility with user able to personalize their experience allowing non-English speakers and the deaf to access the opera.

Aside from supertitle technology, Glass will also be used to put visitors onstage through the eyes of David Pogue, founder of Yahoo Tech.

Pogue will film short clips of onstage action to be available on Google + and other Wolf Trap social media. Visitors will be director to the site before and after the show as well as during intermission.

In addition, those who stayed home can view Pogue’s clips online in near real-time as well as for days after the performance.

After “Carmen,” Wolf Trap hopes to use glass in other types of performances, though as of now, the company has no definitive plans for future Glass events.

Filene Center at Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts
1551 Trap Road, Vienna

Friday, July 25
8:15 p.m.

Route 50 to change for the better; Blue Line riders seeing Red

Posted by Editorial / Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

By Jessica Godart

Changes To Metro’s Blue Line Schedule Leaves Some Commuters Seeing Red

Route 50 conditions to improve by Spring 2015

Malaysia flight bodies to be sent home Wednesday
(ABC News

New map of Mars most complete geologic map seen
(The Washington Post)

Silver Line Opens Saturday, Tyson’s to feel parking pinch

Posted by Editorial / Monday, July 21st, 2014

By Emily Rust

Silver line opening strains Tysons parking.
(Washington Post)

Washington Flyer Bus Service changes route to Dulles
(Loudoun Times)

Netherlands Embassy invites public to remember Malaysia Airlines crash victims.
(Fox 5)

Driver crashes into Manassas home.
(ABC News)

Arlington approves $2 million to improve Virginia Highlands Park.
(NBC 4)

Alexandria introduces bus-only lanes; FCPS considers later start times for high-school students

Posted by Editorial / Thursday, July 17th, 2014

By Kate Masters

Alexandria inaugurates Metroway, the region’s first traffic lanes dedicated to buses

Fredericksburg boy heads home after receiving experimental drug treatment to beat viral infention
(NBC 4)

Federal judge sides with prosecutors on disclosing secret island getaway to jury in McDonnell corruption case
(Washington Post)

Fairfax County schools superintendent endorses later start times for high schoolers

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