NoVA Wars: Super Chili Bowl 2013


And the winner of Super Chili Bowl 2013 is … Stone’s Cove Kitbar in Herndon!





Battle I Winner:    Haute Dogs & Fries




  Battle II Winner: Stone’s Cove Kitbar  


  Battle III Winner:
Glory Days Grill


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28 Responses

Barbara Serban Says:

Their Chili is delicious!!

Kris Gali Says:

The best chili in Northern, VA, hands down. Comes with all the fixings; sour cream, grated local cheddar cheese, and green onions. Chef says it takes him all day to make a batch-all that simmering – wow its good!!! PERFECT for the Playoffs!!

Gabriella Says:

I make th best chili in the US of A, how do individuals enter? It may be too late for this year, but next year I’d like a shot!

Missy Says:

This does not list a price.

Rebekah Lowe Says:

Hi Missy! You’ll see in the contact information for the event that the price is listed as free. There is no charge for admission or for tasting the chili!

cm frank Says:

I’m in but the RSVP link bounces back, I have 3 friends that want to come as well.

Joe Ventura Says:

I vote for Velocity Five’s chili. The beef chili, vegetable chili, and the 5 alarm chili. Great stuff!

Crystan Blanco Says:

Hi CM Frank! We’ll put you plus 3 on the RSVP list. See you there!

Mars Rodeo Says:

Thank you all for coming out yesterday- we had a great time! Great chili, great people, great prizes and a lot of fun!

Joe Ventura Says:

Lets Go Battle # 2. Throwdown at the Nzone.

Ginger Says:

Stone’s Cove chili is an EXPERIENCE! Best ever!

Jo Says:

Stone’s Cove wins by a mile. The other two were just tragic.

Tom Says:

King Street Blues by far blows the rest away!!!! Amazing!!!!

Susan Says:

Really enjoyed the chili bowl experience at the State Theatre today. May the best entry win!

rosa Says:

Austin grill is the best chili did i eating

Ron Says:

Stone’s Cove Kitbar’s Chili is the best on the planet!

Ron Bartek Says:

Stone Cove Kitbar’s chili is the best on Planet Earth (have not yet been to any other planets so can not comment beyond that at this time).


Stones Cove best chili in my humble opinon – hands down!!!!

Good luck on saturday

P.S. Stones Cove is such a unique place, I love all the food, esp the shrimp and grits.

Susan Ray Says:

Stones Cove is the best chili by far which includes great taste and all the fixings that go with it.

Susan Ray Says:

Love that chili — wins hands down. We’ll see on Saturday.

Ginger Says:

Stone’s Cove is best at everything!

Chelley Says:

I would drive a thousand miles just get a bowl of Stone’s Cove chilly. OMG! If you have not yet tried this, you better have someone check your pulse!YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Katie Says:

I would vote for Stone’s Cove KitBar every time!! Best Chili and BEST Restaurant!!!! WE <3 Stone's Cove!!!

Chelley Says:

Stone’s Cove chili is the chili recommended by four out of five Positive Psychology Life Coaches! You have to try it to see for yourself. Your homework this week? Try a bowl of Stone’s Cove chili. Then write an essay on how it has changed your life! No, really, it is that good!

Chelley Says: IF your name is Billy, you’ll love Stone Cove’s Chili! And if your name isn’t Billy? Don’t be silly- just eat Stone’s Cove’s chili!

Paris Love Says:

Glory Days Grill, Fairfax. <3 The most fantastic, awesome, delicious, supercalifragilistic, out of this world chili!!!!!!

bobcarrhome Says:

I don’t see chili on the Stone Cove web site menu?

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