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Roasted Portabello Taco

Alegria @ 8 pm, Saturday

111 Church St. N, Vienna; 703-261-6575;


Description: Portabello mushrooms, Chihuahua cheese, chipotle, brown onions, toasted pumpkin seeds.

I like it: With a side of black beans and guacamole.

I discovered this dish because: It’s a lively neighborhood restaurant owned by Bazin’s [On Church] (next door).

My favorite thing about this dish: The contrast of the juicy mushrooms, crunchy seeds and soft, freshly made corn tortillas (gluten free).

I’d recommend this because: It’s vegetarian, yummy and satisfying.

Critiqued by:
Karla Colletto
Swimwear designer | Karla Colletto Swimwear


(January 2013)



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