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Mr. T (Pork Platter)

Anita’s @ 1 pm, Monday

521 Maple Ave. E, Vienna; 703-255-1001;


Mr. T (Photography By Kate Bohler)

Description: Strips of spicy pork grilled and served with potatoes and refried beans, all smothered in red chile and served with hot flour tortillas.

I like it: Without tortillas. If I wanted a burrito …

I discovered this dish because: It has a kick-ass name. Also because I’ve tried the whole menu.

My favorite thing about this dish: Extremely tasty pork, spicy but not too spicy, really unique dish.

I’d recommend this because: It tastes terrific and allows you to make many “I Pity the Fool” jokes.

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Tom Jackman
Reporter, The State of NoVA Blog | The Washington Post


Tom Jackman


(January 2013)



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