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Pho-N-More @ 5:30 pm, Saturday

144 Maple Ave. W, Vienna; 703-255-5800;


Pho-P2 from Pho-N-More

Pho-P2 from Pho-N-More (Photo courtesy of Clinton Yates)

Description: Beef noodle soup with eye round steak, tendon, fat brisket, bible tripe, well done flank.

I discovered this dish because: I’m a huge fan of pho. So I scout the area looking for good bowls of it.

My favorite thing about this dish: Their broth is lighter than most, but still plenty flavorful. No stuffed feeling.

I’d recommend this because: Their Sriracha sauce isn’t average—it has good kick.

Clinton says: I eat pho all the time. I started about 5 years ago. I’ve probably spent more time researching, experimenting and locating pho restaurants across the area than I have anything else that’s not related to my job. It’s a major ritual in my life.

Clinton YatesCritiqued by:
Clinton Yates
Local news editor | Washington Post Express


Clinton Yates photo courtesy of Breton Littlehales/The Washington Post

(January 2013)



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