Best Elementary Schools

Best Elementary Schools

For some parents, selecting an elementary school for their child involves time-consuming, savvy investigation. For most, their neighborhood public school is a fine fit, while others may wish to consider their options—religious-affiliated schools, independent schools, magnet programs, language immersion, or schools for students with special needs. Education experts suggest parents do their homework before deciding on the right school or program. Although there’s a plethora of information at parents’ fingertips, both parents and experts agree the most meaningful impressions come from a visit to the classroom.

By Renee Sklarew / Photos by Erick Gibson


Public Schools Push for Higher Learning for All

A Challenge for Newcomers

Experts To the Rescue

Finding the Right Fit

The Independent School search

Tips for Evaluating A School

Public Schools Special Programs

Best Elementary Schools: Public Schools

Best Elementary Schools: Private Schools

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Leo Seifert Says:

Sure selecting an elementary school is time consuming.

stacy jones Says:

I would love to know about the best neighborhoods with the best of all school levels – elementary, middle, and high school.

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