City Sprawl

Safety Debt

A home break-in made us safer. I wish it hadn’t.

Neighborhood Botch

Where are the Road Signs for Becoming a Better Neighbor?

Ever Fear

If all we have to fear is fear itself, I have a lot to be afraid of.

Mane Drag

I’ve let my hair down. I am so sorry, hair.

Doctor Strange Love

Parting ways with my physicians left me at a crossroads.

Dis-counting to Five

Picking apart an examination of our numeral system, and putting it back together again.


There are people you want in a tight spot—and there are people you hope stay asleep till it’s all over.

Run Ragged

I am a runner—whether the rest of them like it or not.

A Bad Lead

Follow my advice—not my social media feed.

Cooked to Objection

My time in the kitchen would be better spent watching grass grow, paint dry, or my own ingredients expire, untouched.

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