City Sprawl

Road Hog

When you move to a new neighborhood, as I recently did, you get to know your neighbors by their cars. There’s a lot you can tell about me from my car.

Don’t cry for me, semolina.

My relationship with food is restricted to buying and eating it. Don’t cry for me, semolina.

Science-Fair Prayer

Deliver me from the evil of ever having to do another one.

The Present Tense

I love giving gifts, after weeks spent in irresolute agony over them.

The Night Life

Up all night? Maybe you’re better for it.

Sitting Gritty

Going from babysitter to hiring babysitters got me to face my past work performance.

Ask Me No Secrets

Unless there’s something you want to know, in which case you came to the right place.

Safety Debt

A home break-in made us safer. I wish it hadn’t.

Neighborhood Botch

Where are the Road Signs for Becoming a Better Neighbor?

Ever Fear

If all we have to fear is fear itself, I have a lot to be afraid of.

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