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City Sprawl

Cooked to Objection

My time in the kitchen would be better spent watching grass grow, paint dry, or my own ingredients expire, untouched.

City Sprawl: Growing Out of Birthdays?

The years are marching on and we can’t help that. But do they have to diminish into the background?

The Marrying Kind

Not only can you put a price on love—you can set that price sky-high and make a killing.

City Sprawl: Seasonal Calories

To everything there’s a season, a carb count and an insufferable weight-loss support group.

Static Atmosphere

Anything could fall out of the sky this month—snow, dairy cows or concert pianos.

Love Mishandles

A new year means one thing: that it’s not any of the old years.

Signs of the Times

Having a kid changes your outlook on the future.

No Can Choose

With a wealth of choices in NoVA, our columnist tries them all.

Know Thine Enemy

Dating site OkCupid turns up NoVa’s lovers, and haters.

Love in the Time of Automata

What I have with my Roomba can’t compare to what I have with family and friends–it’s so much more complicated than that.

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