City Sprawl

Ask Me No Secrets

Unless there’s something you want to know, in which case you came to the right place.

Safety Debt

A home break-in made us safer. I wish it hadn’t.

Neighborhood Botch

Where are the Road Signs for Becoming a Better Neighbor?

Ever Fear

If all we have to fear is fear itself, I have a lot to be afraid of.

Mane Drag

I’ve let my hair down. I am so sorry, hair.

Doctor Strange Love

Parting ways with my physicians left me at a crossroads.

Dis-counting to Five

Picking apart an examination of our numeral system, and putting it back together again.


There are people you want in a tight spot—and there are people you hope stay asleep till it’s all over.

Run Ragged

I am a runner—whether the rest of them like it or not.

A Bad Lead

Follow my advice—not my social media feed.

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