Pet Survey

We want to know all about your fine feathered or fur-covered friends!


Choose your own activity adventure with JumpIt Pass

Northern Virginia Magazine interviews founder and owner Robyn Churilla.


Celebrate the Lunar New Year with NoVA events

2016 is the Year of the Monkey. Celebrate in style with your kids at these local Chinese New Year celebrations.

Angie Goff shares her secrets for a blissful marriage

I’m a working mom with two young kids and a husband who works in another state most of the week. One of the biggest questions I get is: How do you do it?

Not For Sale: Fairfax County fights growing sex trafficking

Woolf’s unit has identified 128 local suspects and had 43 active cases as of December.

Imagination and focus: The monumental benefits of Minecraft

Delve into the Minecraft world of blocks and mods to find out what kids really get out of this fantastically popular video game.

Coworking with kids: Play, Work or Dash opens in Vienna

“I often heard from these parents that they wished they had a few hours a day of child care to get work done without committing to a full-time day care,” says Nicole Dash. ”This is where the idea for Play, Work or Dash was born.”

Splash into fun at indoor water parks in Northern Virginia

Hold onto endless summer fun and embrace the indoors. No matter the weather, the forecast is warm and dispositions are sunny at our region’s best indoor water parks.

Resolution Conundrum

As I get ready for the new year, I’ve made up my mind. I’m not making any unrealistic resolutions. In fact, I’m not making any just for me.


American Visionary Art Museum Baltimore

5 Senior day trips worth discovering

A collection of quick day trips and sites that are perfect for the NoVA senior set.

Governor's Island )Keith Sherwood/

Senior Day Trips 2015

Taking a lifetime of experience on the road to new discoveries.


Retirement in Northern Virginia

NoVA is for lovers … and for retirees


Courtesy of

BOB Revolution SE Sport Stroller

Your running routine doesn’t have to stop just because you had a baby, take your baby with you.

Ingenuity™ InLighten Cradling Swing™

Ingenuity’s InLighten Cradling Swing™

Personalize your baby’s nap-time with the Ingenuity™ InLighten Cradling Swing™.

Courtesy of Merry Muscles

Merry Muscles Baby Exerciser

Give your baby a leg up on her motor skills!


Courtesy of Grandma Lucy's (10 lb bag of Grandma Lucy's venison dog food)

Natural dog food brand Grandma Lucy’s offers healthy pet options

Grandma Lucy’s has been making high-quality, meat-based dog food since 1999. With a variety of options, your dog will never get bored or go hungry.


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The Hugh Hefner of dogs: The Trouble with Trouble

Visualize Hugh Hefner circa 1978 overanxiously glad-handing everyone, and you’d have the idea. My pet believes every visitor needs to be enthusiastically and individually welcomed.


Senior Living: Ready, Set, Live

New year, new goal: a fun, never-a-dull-moment retirement that offers lots of amenities, convenience and more. Embrace the best that life has to offer at one of Northern Virginia’s senior living communities.