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Look Before You Fetch: Dog Park Etiquette

Dog parks will exercise your pup, but that doesn’t mean you get to sit back and relax. Laura Sharkey, owner of WOOFS! Dog Training Center explains why.

If You Want a Friend in Washington, Get a Dog… and a Blog

Tracy Baetz Discusses Her Nationally Acclaimed Blog, featuring her Vizsla, Tavish.

Outdoor Dining for Two

Hungry for a bite, but don’t want to ditch your furry companion? Sick of restaurants that shun clientele of the four-legged variety? We’ve compiled a list of pet-friendly eateries throughout Northern Virginia.

The Best Gift for Man’s Best Friend

What do you get the pet that has everything? This mail-order service can help.

Healthy pet store DogGone Natural adds Leesburg location

Feeding your pet healthy foods doesn’t have to mean buying the most expensive options. DogGone Natural’s affordable, nutritious pet food and supplements are now in Leesburg.

What are you Feeding your Pets?

Here are some tips that will help you make better nutritional decisions for your pet.

Teddy the Cat

Teddy the fat kitty grew into a lean, ribbon -wearing cat who loved attention, and took the rainbow bridge to lead his final parade.

Tips to Get Your Pet’s Groom On

Getting your dog groomed can be a uneasy process for you and your pet. Megan Craig, a certified groomer at Affectionate Pet Care, offers her best tips for great grooming experience.

3 simple preventative tips for your dog’s health

We caught up with Dr. Catherine McDaniel of the Old Dominion Animal Hospital in McLean to ask what simple things owners can do for their dog ahead of time to side-step illness or other health-related issues.

Finding the Best Boarding Option for Your Canine or Feline Family Member

Dr. Kloer of the Leesburg Veterinary Hospital gives her advice for finding the best type of boarding for your cat or dog for your next trip.

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