Pampered Pets

Thanksgiving Mischief: The Trouble with Trouble

Every Thanksgiving our family packs up the three kids and two dogs and heads off to our in-laws for Thanksgiving dinner. The packing is usually left to me, which as any woman reading this column will readily surmise was my spouse’s first mistake.

Laugh Out Loud: The Trouble with Trouble.

Clayton Dean’s dog Hershey adjusts to life with Trouble.

The Trouble with Trouble

Trouble, after much cajoling, takes the leap into his water-filled vacation.

The Trouble with Trouble

Trouble’s song draws new friends: Arlington’s deer population.

The Trouble with Trouble

Trouble discovers his natural enemies: brooms, balloons and boxes.

The Trouble with Trouble

Trouble tries to take a spin behind the wheel.

Alexandria’s Diane Roadcap wants to tell you what your pet is thinking

For the past 15 years, Alexandria local Diane Roadcap has been traveling along the East Coast as a pet psychic to help people understand their pets.

The Trouble with Trouble

Trouble heads to obedience school, where the sorting hat awaits.

The Trouble with Trouble

Our new columnist, Clayton Dean, introduces his new dog, Trouble.

Northern Virginia shelters offer Doggie Day Trips

Local shelters establish dog walking programs to get the pets and residents some exercise.

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