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By Warren Rojas

Jon Mathieson / Courtesy Kochfoto

This November marks a new chapter for the three local talents behind McLean’s Inox, a high-concept venue to be piloted by co-executive chefs Jonathan Krinn and Jon Mathieson (2941’s award-winning tag-team) and wine director John Wabeck (last seen at D.C.’s New Heights).

Mind you, it was no mere accident that convinced this trio of well-seasoned toques that now was the time to launch their ingredient-driven dining enterprise.

“We were always very interested in doing a team-oriented project,” Krinn said of the dually helmed Inox kitchen. He added that since Mathieson and Wabeck have been friends for quite some time, bringing the Master Sommelier candidate aboard to handle their expansive beverage program was a natural fit.

Wabeck is still stunned his friends are making good on what so long ago seemed like just idle chatter.

“This scheme was probably hatched about six to eight years ago on Jon’s back porch,” he said of the marathon cookouts that would inevitably morph into “what-if” bull sessions about breaking out on their own.

Jonathan Krinn / Courtesy Kochfoto

Of course, chasing new dreams means letting go of the past.

“Cotton candy definitely will not be on the menu. This is a new approach,” Mathieson said of the unanimous decision to strike 2941’s fluffy, pink parting gift from their cooking repertoire.

Breadbasket aficionados, on the other hand, should be pleased to hear that baker Malvin Krinn is hard at work developing warm, crusty welcomes to greet Inox patrons.

Meanwhile, Mathieson suggested that 2941’s stunt-casting (lion, ostrich) was part of a more “whimsical” approach than they are after now.

“We’re going to be very approachable,” he said of their streamlined menu. Tentative features include: Wagyu carpaccio, a Maine lobster, veal and sweetbreads trifecta and fried chocolate truffles.

Wabeck envisions a fairly extensive by-the-glass program supplemented by rotating daily specials (which he described as “something cool that’s open”), adding, “I’d like to see a couple people a night drink something they’ve never tried before.” He suggested that South America, Greece and South Africa would be well represented. As will his first love, red Burgundy.

Inox: 1800 Tysons Blvd., McLean; 703-790-4669; Open for lunch and dinner daily.


(November 2008)


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