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How to keep it simple: Thanksgiving dinner for two

Don’t have a crowd for Thanksgiving? Then check out these recipes designed for Thanksgiving for two.

A Seder Spread You Won’t Want to Passover

Asparagus Soup Sip and Stuffed Chicken Breast with Tomato Coulis

Dish Out of Water

We know that the Native Americans ate seafood, so we acknowledge that seafood has been a part of the great American tradition and therefore compatible with the spirit of the Thanksgiving table

The ‘Peake of Perfection

Soft Shell Crabs with Broccoli Rabe and Whole Grain Mustard Sauce

Chill Out

Trummer’s toque Clayton Miller claims to be a sucker for cold soups—“tomato, watermelon, cucumber, carrot and so on!” he says of some of his favorite produce to put on ice.

Escape to Flavor Country

Though most folks tend to love Market Salamander sandwiches just the way they are, chef Vaughn Skaggs saw fit to weave some seasonal flourish into their classic Caprese.

Squashing Hunger

Evo Bistro toque Driss Zahidi fondly recalls racing home to devour his mother’s squash and lamb collaboration. “You [could] get the smell of the squash from outside,” he says of the iconic summer dish.

Rock and Bowl

Crispy Rockfish with Clam and Sweet Corn Chowder

Swiss Mixed

Ayrshire Farm toque Rob Townsend has no problem working with Swiss chard, but does insist on setting the record straight. “The only thing I know is that Sicily was one of the first places to grow Swiss chard,” he says of the leafy green also known as Sicilian beet.

Ode to Offal

Tallula toque Barry Koslow recalls sending out his fair share of ham-wrapped veal and chicken dishes years ago, but has always wanted to put his own stamp on the Italian specialty knows as saltimbocca.

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