Out and about for Oktoberfest

By Warren Rojas


The time is at hand, brave beer warriors, for the drinking, feasting and unavoidably awkward dancing (confidence is high you’ll be tipsy enough not to care) to begin in earnest.

And given that our chances to openly imbibe are few and far between (N’awlins – 1; NoVA – 0), why not raise a toast to Deutschland whenever/wherever the opportunity presents itself?

However you choose to celebrate the annual Bavarian blowout—be it with monstrous steins of German-brewed beers (everywhere), healthful Volksmarches (Fort Belvoir), scramble golf tournaments (Lovettsville), guided dinners (Falls Church), pumpkin decorating (Strasburg), pretzel-making (Fredericksburg)—make sure to peruse our online Oktoberfest Finder for any and every excuse to hoist a glass/rock out to polka music/devour spiced sausages throughout the month.

In the meantime, we’ll get to work on a comprehensive hangover guide…

(October 2010)

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