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The Start of a Beer Town

Virginia Senate Bill 604 passed this March, allowing breweries to sell their own beer—for drinking—on site. Just like wineries. ¶ It’s an important step for breweries, catapulting beer drinking to the same coveted status as wine. And it’s about time. ¶ Last year, breweries opened up from Alexandria to Waterford. Bars and retail shops now serve locally produced craft beer, relegating Bud to 7-Eleven status. It’s a great time to be a beer drinker. And it’s only getting better.


Best Bars
Reader-selected NoVA craft beer bars.

Beer Basics
A little cheat sheet to get you through the story.

Best Retail
Finding beers awesome enough to bring home.

Be a Beer Geek
Buzz words explained by area beer experts.

Miller Lite Bars
Sometimes, you just want a Miller.

How Local Can You Go
A pictorial on Port City Brewing Company’s locally sourced oyster stout.

Local Brewpubs
A pint and a bite always go together.

Best Breweries
The makings of a beer town start here.

Virginia Beer History
George Washington liked fruit beer?!


(May 2012)



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MikeH Says:

Where are the important links? (best bar, best retail, local brewpubs, etc.)?

Stefanie Gans Says:

Hey Mike – You gotta buy the magazine for the rest!

Steve Says:

The N Virginia beer history leaves out Bardo? Really?

Stefanie Gans Says:

@Steve – talk to me about Bardo.

Lincoln Wilkins Says:

Bardo! With vehicle sticking out of old showroom window? That Bardo?

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