10 Things to Take the Kids to in July

Posted by Editorial / Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Edited by Sophia Rutti

Celebrate America Fourth of July Celebration Old Town Manassas

Photo courtesy of David G. Barger/shutterstock.com.

1Celebrate America Fourth of July Celebration  
Old Town Manassas will be celebrating an all-American party all afternoon. There will be live music for families to dance to, a competition for amateur bakers to enter and plenty of carnival rides. Carnival food will also be available alongside the red, white and blue hayride. The monumental fireworks display will go off at 9:15 p.m. / July 4

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July’s Not-To-Miss Events

Posted by Editorial / Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Edited by Sophia Rutti

‘An American  Celebration’ at Mount Vernon.

Photo courtesy of Mount Vernon.

1‘An American Celebration’ at Mount Vernon
Come to Mount Vernon, one of the most American places in Northern Virginia, to celebrate Independence Day. There will be fireworks over the Potomac River, military reenactments and more United States history and excitement than one day can handle. / July 4

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Drink to the Fourth of July at these four wineries

Posted by Editorial / Monday, June 29th, 2015

4th of July wine events in Northern Virginia

Photo courtesy of trindade51/shutterstock.com.

By Raquel DeSouza

America is turning 239 years old this Fourth of July, and of course fireworks will light up the night sky. But what to do when the sun’s still out? Skip out on sweating at the grill and visit a Northern Virginia winery instead. The state has a long history with wine, so think of this as a historical throwback fitting for the holiday. Our Founding Fathers would toast to that.

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‘Potomac Skies’ gallery brings NoVA’s natural beauty to light

Posted by Editorial / Friday, June 26th, 2015

Maremi Andreozzi

Courtesy of the Maremi Andreozzi.

By Cameron Mellin

To the untrained eye, the subject is the same: a birch tree, its branches often bare and hung over the river banks; the sun’s light or lack thereof dancing off the rippled waters of the Potomac. And you wouldn’t be wrong to assume so. The tree and its backdrop of river, cloud and sun is the focal point of many a painting featured at the “Potomac Skies” exhibit in downtown Alexandria. But to the artist, and to the audience that truly witnesses Maremi Andreozzi’s work, the differences, be they shifts in season, emotion or recognition of a beauty often overlooked, are clear as day. 

“This was very much a coming-home series for me,” Andreozzi says. “Those moments of the sky’s change in color, from sunrise to sunset, are pivotal moments in our day.” Bringing such instances and the simplistic beauty of the Virginia sky’s changing clouds and color palette to our attention is a priority of Andreozzi’s “Potomac Skies.”

Maremi Andreozzi

Courtesy of Maremi Andreozzi.

Returning from Guam in 2010, Andreozzi was inspired by the relationship between the sky and sun over the river as it runs parallel to the George Washington Parkway. “It seems so mundane, but when you really look at it …you find the beauty.” It’s an ethereal landscape even she took for granted, stating: “I don’t think I really appreciated the Potomac [before], but we would go to Founder’s Park all the time. [Potomac Skies] is this re-appreciation of the light and surroundings around us.” 

It is this appreciation that makes “Potomac Skies” so powerful. What you see is a landscape all too familiar, yet what you feel is adoration for the natural beauty of a region too easily forgotten when caught in the fray of rush-hour traffic. To Andreozzi the exhibit centers around concentration, forcing the audience to halt and truly “look at the landscape, which is not always an easy thing to do.” However through her use of vertical composition, Andreozzi can“selectively choose what I want the viewer to look and focus on,” which encourages the observer to admire a seasonal terrain always in flux. This “creates a very dramatic moment” according to the artist and ignites an audience’s otherwise dormant awe of the region’s splendor. 



Requiring over a year and a half of research and photography, “Potomac Skies” is a reflection of both the process of the seasons and of Andreozzi, who states: “I approach my art in a very scientific manner, but on the canvas …the process is impulsive. I trust my gut and see what happens.” The willingness to trust her artistry has resulted in a portrayal of an emotional landscape as well as a physical one. Each piece possesses a distinct feeling unique to Andreozzi because “painting allows me to manipulate the image, to create my own world.” 

Maremi Andreozzi

Courtesy of Maremi Andreozzi.

And perhaps that is the grandeur of “Potomac Skies,” for in the work one discovers an ability to mesh both the actual image and the emotion attached. The audience drawn into the ever-changing world of an artist whose emotions, like our own, rise to peaks and dip into valleys over time. How we perceive our world is ephemeral, her beauty acknowledged or forgotten depending on the day, yet that same beauty, of a blue sky sprinkled white and grey with clouds, is ever-present—necessitating only our notice to exist.

Exhibition runs through July 6.
The Art League Gallery, Torpedo Factory Art Center: 105 N. Union St., Alexandria
Price: Free


Summer in the saddle: 3 getaways in Virginia’s horse country

Posted by Editorial / Friday, June 26th, 2015

George Washington National Forest

George Washington National Forest, Jon Bilous/shutterstock.com

By Cameron Mellin

Those seersuckered memories of Foxfield still fresh in mind? Or perhaps American Pharoah’s Triple Crown win has you reminiscing about Virginia original Secretariat’s dominance in 1973. Whatever your reason, Virginia is considered horse country for many reasons. Do your part as a commonwealth citizen this summer and get yourself, the kids or your significant other back in the saddle.

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5 reasons to stay up late this summer

Posted by Editorial / Thursday, June 25th, 2015

Zip tour at Salamander Resort.

Zip tour at Salamander Resort. Photo courtesy of Coleen Hauth.

By Laura Wingfield

Now we aren’t suggesting that you do away with bedtime—we know that would result in utter chaos. But as the sun begins to sink a little later each night and the temptation to enjoy the warm evenings becomes a little stronger, you may find yourself searching for something to do after hours.

Look no further. These are our top picks for late-night outdoor events this summer.

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The year of ‘Pan’ touches down in Tysons

Posted by Editorial / Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

Peter Pan at Tyson's Corner.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Berne

By Sophia Rutti

We’ve all gotten used to seeing our old favorite Disney fairy tale classics in live action these last few years, including the traditional “Cinderella” or the musical retelling of “Peter Pan” in NBC’s 2014 “Peter Pan Live!” and the forthcoming movie “Pan,” due out later this year.

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4-time Grammy Award-winner Rosanne Cash comes to Hylton Center

Posted by Editorial / Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

Rosanne Cash comes to Hylton Center

Photo courtesy of Clay Patrick McBride

 By Robyn Smith

Though country music seems to run in her blood, Rosanne Cash has worked extremely hard in her 35-year career to get where she is. The four-time Grammy Award winner is producing her best work now.

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Calling all Harry Potter fans: Apothecary Museum brews up an enchanting experience

Posted by Editorial / Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Harry Potter's birthday party at Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum.

Photo courtesy of Erik Patten Photography.

By Grace Ann Brew

On July 31, 1997, a well-known wizard with a lightning bolt-shaped scar was born—on paper, of course. On this date, for the fourth summer in a row, the Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum welcomes all muggles, mudbloods, witches and wizards to celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday with a look into the real-world science behind J.K. Rowling’s magical world.

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Trending: School’s Out

Posted by Carten Cordell / Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Kidwell Barn

Kidwell Barn. Photo courtesy of Don Sweeney FCPA.

For nine months, order was maintained. Routines were followed, homework done and everyone had a job to do.

For 75 percent of the year, you know where your children are during the day: school. It’s that blissful period where their energies are focused and curiosity quenched.

Now that June is here, we’ve entered a wild land. Summer is here, school is out and the natives of your home are restless.

They’ve got energy, and you’ve got sanity to burn. Here are a few activities that will take care of both.

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