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Winter Crafts for Kids

Posted by Carten Cordell / Friday, November 23rd, 2012

When the weather is unbearably cold to venture outside, stay home and create crafts with your kids for the winter season. 


Snow Measuring Stick


Photo Courtesy of

This winter craft from will have you prepared for the snow expected this season. 


-Wooden Stake

-Wooden Snowflake (available at craft stores)

-Blue and Silver paint with paintbrushes



1. Paint the wooden stake blue and set aside to dry.

2. Paint the wooden snowflake silver and set aside to dry.

3. Jazz up your measuring stick by painting smaller snowflakes along the sides.

4. Use a ruler to mark every inch on the stake.  Paint the numbers on afterwards.

5. Glue on the wooden snowflake to the top of the stake.

6. Place your newly crafted measuring stick outside and watch the snow add up.


Snow Globe

snow globe

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When decorating your home for winter, add a snow globe to your décor.  This snow globe provided by and will be sure to entertain kids and embellish your home.


-Small, empty jar with lid (baby food jar works best)

-Corn Syrup



-Toy figurine & glue (optional)

1. Fill the empty jar 1/3 of the way with corn syrup and fill the rest of the jar with water.

2.  Mix the corn syrup and water until the corn syrup dissolves.

3. Sprinkle in some glitter.

4. Put the lid on tightly and shake your new snow globe.

5. (Optional) If you want to add a small toy inside your snow globe, take the inside of the lid and glue in the object. Until the glue has dried and the object is sturdily on, carefully screw on the top of the lid to the jar.  Shake the jar and let it snow!





Who needs to go to Build-A-Bear Workshop when you can make your own penguin at home? This penguin pal from will sure give your child a special holiday friend.


-Empty one-liter soda bottle

-A white athletic sock

-Laundry detergent cap

-Black, yellow, red and orange foam paper (available at craft stores)


-Rubber band

-Fist-size of clay

1. Take the soda bottle and cut a square flap in the side with either scissors or a knife. 

2. Place the ball of clay inside the soda bottle and close the flap with tape.  The ball of clay is meant to make your penguin stand and wobble.

3. Take the sock and put it over the bottle from the bottom to the top.  Tuck the extra material of the sock into the opening of the soda bottle.

4.  Take the black foam and cut them into football shapes to make your penguin’s wings.  Glue the wings on each side of the bottle.

5. Take a cap from an old laundry bottle and glue it to the top of the penguin.  This will make a great hat for your penguin.

6.  Next, cut out the black foam for the eyes, cut the yellow foam to make a beak, cut out some orange foam for the feet and cut out a bow-tie out of red foam.  Glue all these pieces to make your penguin come alive.

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