Vicarious Vittles

Posted by / Friday, March 6th, 2009

Thought I’d have some fun this Friday and compose a dream menu from all the mouthwatering food pics posted all around the web this week.

Breakfast: crab meat and eggs — I can almost taste the sweet crab and fluffy eggs in my mind. Though I’d probably swap out the Chinese wine for some mirin (added sweetness should cut through the ginger a bit and bolster the crab).


(Photo: seasaltwithfood. Full recipe here.)

Lunch: pasta e fagioli — turkey sausage + Tuscan white beans + baby spinach = molto bene in my book.


(Photo: For the Love of Cooking. Full recipe here.)

Dinner: pork cheek ragout — Do I even need to make a case for this?


(Photo: Marc Matsumoto. Full recipe here.)

Dessert: Reese’s Pieces-Nutella beaver tail — There’s no recipe, but damn if I’m not going to have a blast experimenting with this Canadian import.


(Photo: janello)

Ahh well, guess it’s time to rejoin the real world and get started on my actual dining assignments for the day…

–Warren Rojas

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Phillip J. Speciale Says:

I just made a minestrone soup the other day for the kids. It’s a great way to get them to eat their vegetables.

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