POTUS Crosses the River for Ray’s Hell Burger

Posted by / Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and the White House press corps made a pit stop in Arlington earlier today so the leader of the free world could indulge in the meaty masterpieces put forth by Ray’s Hell Burger (any chance Obama is a Food Network Magazine subscriber?):

(Video: NBC)

POTUS played it pretty safe, ordering up a medium-well cheddar burger with spicy mustard for himself, while Biden went with a medium-well Swiss burger dressed with jalapenos and ketchup. Obama inquired about fries, but was forced to split an order of Hell Burger’s “cheesy tater puffs” with Biden. The powerful pair also ordered up another mushroom-Swiss burger and two standard cheese burgers to go.

When staff attempted to play the “your-money’s-no-good-here” card, Obama started waving around his wad, stating:

“We gotta pay. See all these people here? [motioning to the reporters on hand during the surprise visit] They’ll write about how we were freeloading.”

While still at the register, Obama shot the kitchen crew a playful wink and uttered a pleasant, “hola!” And you better believe he dropped a finski into the tip jar–Change we can believe in!–before adjourning to the dining room to await the char-grilled spoils.

Ray’s owner Michael Landrum was understandably thrilled by the visit, dubbing it “the most exciting day of my career” and stressing how “generous” and “outgoing” Obama and Biden were with his crew and the patrons.

“My neighbors couldn’t be happier,” Landrum said of the incredible exposure Arlington is likely to receive post-presidential dining jaunt.

But wasn’t  Landrum even a little disappointed that he didn’t get to dazzle the Prez with his cave-aged cheeses, cognac-soaked mushrooms or uber rich foie gras?

“It was a working lunch,” Landrum suggested. “They kept it simple, got a great burger and then got back to work.”

Guess this makes Hell Burger the current “hot seat” of power…


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NaturalBocar Says:

Gotta love that spicy mustard! I wonder who the lucky recipient of the that mushroom-Swiss was? YUM!

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