Obama’s Burgerama Continues

Posted by / Friday, May 29th, 2009

Seems President Obama can’t help but beeline for a local burger joint when he’s got cameras following him:

(Video: NBC Washington)

After turning Ray’s Hell Burger into a mob scene a few weeks back, POTUS decided to bolster his Everyman dining habits by popping into the Navy Yard Five Guys for a quick bite.

His order: a cheeseburger with tomatoes, lettuce, mustard, and–that’s right–sliced jalapenos.

“44″ also snagged some fries and ordered a few to-go items for the surrounding White House press corps.

While waiting for his food, Obama shelled some peanuts and chatted up the crowd–a free-form discussion that led to the following exchange with a local IT guy:

(Video: NBC Washington)

IT guy: So, how you liking the job so far?

Obama: So far, so good … More problems than we thought because we didn’t know the economy was going to collapse.

As per usual, the hometown crowd was thrilled to have the PR-savvy Prez pop in for an impromptu visit.

A Five Guys spokesperson confirmed that the local burger giant received no advance notice, but stated they were obviously happy to host the District’s most famous neighbor.

“He came in just as all customers do and stood in line, munched on a few peanuts and … talked to a number of other guests,” the Five Guys spokesperson demurred.

Their Twitter feed, however, seemed to betray their “it’s-just-business-as-usual” demeanor.


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