BGR Fires Up Alexandria Shop

Posted by / Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

BGR: The Burger Joint founder Mark Bucher just confirmed (“today at 11 is ‘game day’”) that the second location at 106 N. Washington St. in Old Town Alexandria officially opens for business during lunch today.

Bucher’s award-winning creations–including the ominous 15+ pounder–have, so far, only been available to burger junkies willing to hike out to Bethesda.

But with his Virginia arm now fully operational–and plans to invade the District in the very near future–Bucher appears poised to make BGR a household name.

If anyone makes it out to the grand opening, make sure to share your thoughts/impressions in the comments section below.


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sam Says:

Headed over to BGR today for lunch. As expectd the line was long, but it moved rapidly, ordered a american cheese with bacon, garlic fries and also got a free small milkshake while I was in line , handed to me by Mark himself. Food was terrific, the atmosphere is very cool, just what Old Town needed. and the food is high marks above other burgers anywhere in or near Old Town. Mark, thanks for investing in Old Town, when other shops were closing you had confidence in our community. Keep up the great work, and the awesome food, we’ll support you!

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