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Posted by / Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Got a handful of new restaurant openings to report, including a couple that are rolling out the welcome mats this very morning:

* Michel began serving breakfast at the Tysons Ritz just a few hours ago and will be welcoming dinner guests this evening. A receptionist suggested that lunch service is likely to follow in a few weeks (early to mid-November was her best guess);

* Ballston diners can check out the new Rustico (4075 Wilson Blvd. Arlington; 571-384-1820)–which promises a few menu tweaks (homemade ricotta doughnuts, a Bibb salad with shaved apples, smoked cheddar and almond granola) and broader brew selection (400+ bottles, and counting) than the original–beginning at lunch today;

* Daniel O’Connell’s alumnus Colin Abernethy will be working his culinary magic as executive chef of Travinia Italian Kitchen in Leesburg, set to debut November 1; and,

* Chef Jacques Haerigner will be shaking things up at L’Auberge Chez Francois by unveiling Jacques’ Brasserie at L’Auberge–a more casual, a la carte alternative to the restaurants’ traditional multi-course service–on November 9. “I’ll be serving some of my favorite dishes, the ones I grew up with,” Haeringer said of his plans to delve into Alsatian comfort food, adding, “Many of these recipes come from a notebook of handwritten recipes my father brought with him when he moved from France to the United States.” Tentative additions include: Tarte Flambée (Alsatian-style pizza), organic chicken in riesling, traditional and fish choucroute, and pinot noir-braised ribs.

Let’s eat.


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NattieBoCar Says:

Wow! Huge news! I especially can’t wait to try Jacques’ Brasserie at L’Auberge!

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