Derby Cocktails

Posted by / Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

I’m not one hundred percent sure, but I think I became a fan of horse racing last weekend. I wish I could tell you that I attended the Virginia Gold Cup, but then I’d be lying. The coverage that preceded the Kentucky Derby was fascinating though.

What initially caught my attention were the elaborate hats the women were wearing. Celebrity interviews followed, and I was suddenly hooked when they started talking to the world renowned chef and restaurateur Bobby Flay. He shared some of his favorite recipes as I came to the realization of what this event was all about, besides gambling.

The conversation didn’t last very long, he only mentioned a few quintessential things. His cocktail suggestions sounded great, so I followed up with some research to find other popular ones. These are what I believe to be the top five, composition included.  Some are more complicated than others. Don’t be surprised if you notice a common theme, it is Kentucky after all.

5. Old Fashioned- A standard with gentility.

A. Bourbon
B. Bitters
C. Cherries
D. Ginger
E. Orange

F. Soda

4. The Back Forty- Simple yet complex.

A. Bourbon
B. Citrus

C. Maple Syrup

3. The Pimm’s Cup- A British favorite.

A. Fruity Gin
B. Citrus

C. Cucumber

2. Bourbon Bloody Mary- I’m drinking when I should be sleeping.

A. Bourbon
B. Celery Salt
C. Hot Sauce
D. Tomato Juice
E. Wasabi
F. Worcestershire

G. Lemon Wedge

1. Mint Julep- At least one of these must be consumed during the festivities.

A. Bourbon
B. Simple Syrup
C. Fresh Mint

D. Shaved Ice

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-Ryan Robertson

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