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Pho lovers recognize the bright red bottle at the table:  Sriracha.

Sriracha is a Thai hot sauce that is simply delicious and for some like me, addictive.  This magical bottle comes in two sizes 17oz and 28oz and can be found in stores ethnic markets, such as Lotte and Hmart, as well as mainstream supermarkets.

Travel size bottles of ketchup, mustard and tabasco can be found easily but finding travel size Sriracha is simply impossible.  What is a girl to do, carry a 17oz bottle of sriracha in her purse? 

 In search of baby Sriracha. Please help a heat addict out! 

Photo by  Joey Hernandez

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7 Responses

BS Says:

put it in 3-ounce travel shampoo containers?

Nelly Says:

hehe.. all you need is to stop by the travel section of Target/CVS/Walmart, pick up an empty travel size shampoo bottle and fill with Sriracha. There you go! :)

kathy Says:

I would try world market, I know they have travel size Tabasco in their gift basket making section.

PM Says:

I think you’re looking for the non-Thai sriracha. There’s a difference!

Joann Miller Says:

The Lee Kum Kee Sriracha is available at

Great place to find most small bottles or packets of food and non food items

John Says:

I’ve been looking for this forever. (A) The Lee Kum Kee sauce is ok, but not great. I bought a ton of it when I first saw it and ended up giving it away. The packets don’t hold the smell in well and so the room their stored in ends up smelling very garlicky. Also the flavor is a little too bitter. (B) Of course we’ve tried the shampoo bottle / travel nalgene bottle, you name it. There’s something in Sriracha, I think it’s an oil or something, but whatever bottle you put it in it will seep through and make a terrible mess. I don’t recommend putting it in a travel bottle.

The packets are the way to go. I suggest emailing the makers of the traditional Sriracha, they have an email address and are receptive. If enough people write in, they may change their minds!

Anitra Says:

You can buy the small bottle of the chili garlic sauce and after done using it, wash and put sriracha sauce in it. Even though there would be no pour spout, you can still spoon it onto your food.

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