Queen Bee Approved: Macarons Storm NoVA

Posted by / Friday, August 24th, 2012

Photo by Jennie Tai

Gossip Girl‘s” Queen Bee of the Upper East Side, Blair Waldorf received a box of these dainty pastries from her star-crossed lover, Chuck Bass in the second season—and girls across the country have been smitten ever since.

French macarons (not to be confused with the American macaroon) are two delicate waffer-like cookies that have a thin crust, but a chewy interior. Sandwiched between the two shells is a sweet filling (normally ganache, cream or jam). Macarons serve as a cleaner (and more lady-like) alternative to stuffing your face with a massive cupcake and skidding your cheeks with rogue dollops of frosting.

They’re a challenging dessert for even the most seasoned pastry chef to perfect, and have made their way across the Atlantic from Paris to New York City, sweeping the nation in just a few years. After popping up in major cities like San Francisco, Chicago and even New Orleans – it’s about time they made their appearance in NoVA’s patisseries.

At Silva’s Patisserie in Vienna, you’ll find flavors like pistachio, chocolate, and passion fruit for $1.89 each; and at the Pastry Xspo in Merrifield, you’ll find a dozen of basic flavors that are a tad bit smaller, priced at $1.50 each. A former pastry chef of Ladurée (the home of French macarons in Paris), Michel Giaon (now residing in NoVA) bakes exotic flavored macarons (pictured left) like pandan leaf, cassis, and lychee for pick up orders (at ACKC and The Wine Cabinet) and delivery for Michel Patisserie.

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Angela B. Pan Says:

I’ve never had a macaron before. I think i need to try one now.

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