Spooky Sips: Halloween Cocktails

Posted by / Thursday, October 25th, 2012

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A roundup of….roundups? Yes. Gut Check presents the Top 10 Top 10 DIY Halloween Cocktail Roundups.

1) Top 10 Halloween Cocktails: “It’s not really the costumes. It’s not even the candy. The real reason we love Halloween—it’s another excuse to get drunk.” [Endless Simmer]

2) 10 Spiked and Spooky Halloween Sips: “Some are more playful, others a bit darker. All, however, are delicious and perfect for the holiday.” [Celebrations]

3) 10 Spooky Cocktails for Halloween: “Some are just plain gross to look at. But all are creepily delicious!” [Yahoo!]

4) Cocktail Recipes for the Recession: Ok, there are only 9 here, but they are hilariously topical. [New Yorker]

5) Top 10 Halloween Cocktails: “Anything goes on Halloween, and it is about time people drink spirits that are extraordinary, and stay away from the ordinary.” [Microliquor]

6) Halloween Cocktail Roundup: “While the kids are overdosing on sugar, I think you should sit back, relax and pour yourself a Halloween inspired cocktail.” [ChickAdvisor]“

7) Top 10 Halloween Jell-0 Shots: “They are easy, tasty, and everyone loves them.” [DIYReviews]

8) Top Ten Spooky Drinks to Serve at Halloween Parties: “Nothing screams Halloween like a strange and spooky brew. These ten scary concoctions will add a dash of creepy coolness to your Hollow’s Eve celebration.” [Yahoo!]

9) Halloween Party Drinks on our Top 10 List: “We are back with 10 More Halloween Drinks to kick the party up a notch!”  [DIYReviews]

10) 10 Halloween Cocktail Recipes: “Your guests will love these colourful Halloween cocktails, plus our garnish ideas for eyeballs, shrunken heads and worms will make these drinks spooktacular!” [Canadian Living]

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