Gift Guide: Beer Accessories

Posted by / Monday, December 10th, 2012


The holidays are almost here. We’ve put together a guide to help you shop for your favorite beer drinker.

Beer Buddy Hoodie
Unleash your inner Kangaroo and never fall victim to allowing another one of your beers to go to waste. This sweatshirt with a front pouch is intended for you to place your beer. This is also a great gift for germaphobes./

Awesome of the homebrewer who is trying to make Brewday a little bit simpler./; $16.78.

 Happy Hour Watches
Only 5 o’clock is labeled and it evens doubles as a bottle opener./

Light-Up Beer Pilsner Glasses
From light beers to beer lights, these LED neon light up glasses will make the party wherever you take them./; $19.99

Personalized Brewsky Belt
Apparently utility belts for booze have become so popular, that it is now trending to get them monogrammed. This is surely so that whomever you purchase this for won’t be getting it mixed up with all their friends’ Brewksy Belts./; $26.95.

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