Adroit Theory Brewing Coming to Purcellville in 2013

Posted by / Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Photo by Adroit Theory

Start-up nanobrewery Adroit Theory is coming to Purcellville next year. Owner Mark Osborne signed papers for a location last week. Osborne says he chose the location because of its proximity to Corcoran Brewery and Mad Horse Brewpub, which are also off 287. Osborne is in the process of ordering brewery equipment, with short term plans for a half bbl and long terms plans move up to a full or two bbl.

Osborne hopes to be ready for private parties and events in March 2013 and is expecting a soft opening on June 17, 2013-the day before his 40th birthday. Osborne says his hope is to accomplish this before he turns 40, making that the “driving force” that is causing him “hustle.” The brewery will transition to a regular schedule by 2014.

Osborne says he does not consider himself a brewer, but rather a businessman that is the driving force behind the eclectic Adroit Theory label and will hire a brewmaster. “If you cross the supernatural with a dose of heavy metal and revolution,” says Osborne “you get the esoteric Adroit Theory beer style.” One of the first beers available will be B/A/Y/S (all beer names contain front slashes in between each letter), a “trifecta” of the same beer presented in three different styles, with variations in barrels and aging. The original recipe creates an imperial stout that is a hoppy and robust beer aged on reclaimed chestnut wood from a barn in the Shenandoah Valley along with toasted chestnuts and cherries. The other two variations of B/A/Y/S are aged in whiskey and bourbon barrels.

 Only small quantities of each beer will be made as Osborne believes that will provide opportunties to try different recipes and styles. Patrons will be able to purchase pints for onsite consumption and growlers to go, but Osborne says the majority of the brews will be bottled-meaning they can be consumed onsite or taken home.

The location, though not intended to be a bar, will be the scene for tasting parties and events for the brewery’s beer club (think of a wine club at a vineyard). His goal is to develop a fan base of people interested in the esoteric style beers. Everything is handcrafted and artisanal, from brewing the beer to handwriting numbers on the labels, like a piece of artwork. Osborne says that this all meant to be a form of artistic expression. “There is a fine line between art and commerce. We want to be on the thoughtprovoking side of art.”

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