14 NoVA Restaurants Celebrate The Winter Truffle Season

Posted by / Thursday, December 27th, 2012

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“December 14th marks the beginning of the winter truffle season,” said Virginia Truffle LLC’s truffle grower, Pat Martin (who we chatted with in January’s print issue—on newsstands today).

The most flavorful and valuable truffle breeds are found during the colder months of the year, including the French Black Perigord and the Italian White Bianchetto. Truffles are a rare and expensive delicacy—selling for over $400 per pound—and have a very strong, distinctive taste and smell. Because of their pungent odor, truffles are often delicately shaved on top of pasta, eggs, fish and other mild-tasting dishes to elevate flavor. Below are a few of NoVA’s 50 Best Restaurants that are celebrating the winter truffle season with a menu item highlighting the diamonds of the kitchen.

Seared Scallops & Black Truffle Sauce
Where to get it: The Majestic
The seared scallops on the dinner menu at Majestic comes with celery root puree, sauteed spinach, mushrooms and black truffle sauce.

White Truffle Grits
Where to get it: Mokomandy
Check out the poutine with fries topped with gravy, bacon, sausage, cheese curds and truffle oil at Mokomandy for your truffle fix. If you’re looking for something heavier—the surf and turf comes with filet, sea scallops, foie gras and white truffled grits.

Scallops & Black Truffle Risotto
Where to get it: PassionFish
On New Years Eve, PassionFish will be serving seared scallops with creamed spinach and black truffle risotto on their holiday menu.

Spinach Gnocchi & Truffled Cream
Where to get it: Pizzeria Orso
On the small plates menu at Pizzeria Orso, the “BLT” gnocchi is made with spinach, and is topped off with truffled cream, bacon and tomato.

Provolone Tortellini & Black Truffle Butter
Where to get it: Restaurant At Patowmack Farm
The sharp provolone tortellini with black truffle butter has been found on the always-rotating Patowmack Farm’s  menu. They also serve a savory pumpkin soup with truffle froth, and potato gnocchi with chestnut puree and truffle milk froth.

Black Truffled Polenta Stuffed Agnolotti
Where to get it: Trummer’s On Main
You’ll find the black truffled polenta stuffed agnolotti with burgundy snails, celery root puree and Parmesan froth. If you’re thinking of ordering a cocktail—ask for their truffle martini (which is topped with either white or black shaved truffles).

Truffled White Bean Hummus
Where to get it: Tuscarora Mill
The truffled white bean hummus is a starter on the dinner menu at Tuscarora Mill, and comes with roma tomatoes, Parmesan crisps and cumin flatbread.

Baked Crespelle & Truffle Jus
Where to get it: Vermillion
The Maryland all-natural beef duo on the dinner menu at Vermilion comes with baked crespelle, hen of the woods mushrooms, swiss chard and truffle jus.

Swordfish & Truffled Mushroom Ravioli
Where to get it: Willow
The North Atlantic Swordfish at Willow is served with quinoa mushroom ravioli, creamed salsify, wilted garlic spinach, crispy maitake mushrooms and white truffle mushroom sauce.

Moullard Duck “Perigord” Red Wine Truffle Sauce
Where to get it: Bastille
On the regular dinner menu at Bastille is pan roasted duck leg confit with roasted fall vegetables and a red wine sauce made from French “Perigord” truffles.

Truffled Veal Sweetbreads
Where to get it: Goodstone Inn
For dinner, enjoy the thrice-cooked veal sweetbreads with foie gras and truffle essence, or the wild mushroom crepe with truffle sauce.

Truffled Lobster Salad Sushi Roll
Where to get it: Hooked
Hooked’s signature roll, Hook, Line and Sinker comes with lobster salad, tempura sweet potato, asparagus and is topped with wagyu beef fried shallots, micro greens and truffle oil.

Chateaubriand Steak & Truffle Sauce
Where to get it: L’Auberge Chez Francois
On the dinner menu at L’Auberge Chez Francois is a chateaubriand steak with bearnaise truffle sauce and roasted vegetables.

Potato Gnocchi & Black Truffle Froth
Where to get it: Lyon Hall
The potato gnocchi on Lyon Hall’s dinner menu comes with wild mushrooms, roasted squash, arugula, goat cheese and topped with black truffle froth. In the mood for meat? Check out the steak filet with black truffle butter.

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