Russian Invasion: Find the New Rus Uz’s Menu Here

Posted by / Thursday, January 17th, 2013

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Is it the cold, dark weather (no sun in a week!) or is it a true trend that brings another Russian-Eastern European restaurant to the region?

Washington welcomed the neighborhood darling Bistro Boem (get the schnitzel!) last year and this month will earn Ambar, Balkin small plates, and the Russian, New York-based Marni Vanna, whose owners dipped into NoVA’s outpost of the trend while they were in town a few weeks ago. 

Rus Uzs GM Abraham Rakhmapullaev bragged about the drop-in (“They’re very kind”) while providing a few details on the catering-to-restaurant expansion of their three-year old business.

The Russian themed Rus Uz started as a strictly catering venture, but as more customers asked for a tasting room and an events space, the Rakhmapullaevs—Abraham’s father, Bakhtiyor, is chef and owner—decided to build a restaurant to fulfill the needs of their catering clients, and to expand their outreach. After opening in mid-December, the Arlington restaurant already hosted a 60-person wedding.  

Rus Uz is still without a liquor license, which Rakhmapullaev hopes to secure by the end of the month. Expect Russian, Ukrainian and Polish beers (from the countries’ big producers) and Georgian wine. 

The restaurant menu is derived from the catering menu, but isn’t on the Rus Uz website… but we’ve got it.

Exclusive: Rus Uz’s Menu


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