Hungry for Linkage: Groundhog Day Special, Yes, There’s Such a Thing

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Chef Brian McPherson of Old Town Alexandria’s Jackson 20 will celebrate the coming or going of winter’s cruel weather with special menu items, cocktails and all day screenings of the movie “Groundhog Day”…on Groundhog Day. [NVMwire]

@TacoBell: #ThingsIDoWhenIGetBored Hit up Taco Bell”. Fairfax’s Taco Bell is closed, but luckily, there are plenty more in the area…and soon, they’ll be serving the highly anticipated Cool Ranch Doritos Tacos. [Gawker]

Bagel and Not-Lox: Whole Foods, Thomas’, Sara Lee, Publix and Weight Watchers all recall bagels and salmon due to “potential Listeria bacteria contamination”. [HuffPo Food]

Ben-YAYS and Sri-RA-cha: Ten foods that always taste good no matter how badly you butcher the name. [Eat 24]

Music video is filming at the Tropical Smoothie in Fredericksburg. Why? New fish and chicken tacos. [Patch]

Twinkies are stayin’ alive: Apollo Global Management LLC and C. Dean Metropoulos & Co look to buy snack cake brands from Hostess. [HP]

Globalization is real: China has a Central Perk! The 90′s popular sitcom “Friends” look-a-like coffee shop even has its own Gunther, but sadly, no one has sung “Smelly Cat” yet. [DM]

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