Port City Brewing Company’s Millionth Bottle is FOUND!

Posted by / Monday, February 4th, 2013

Photo courtesy of Port City Brewing Company

Last month we put out a call: Port City’s millionth bottle was out in NoVA, yet to be returned for prizes by the brewpub.

This weekend, NoVA Mag Food Desk received the following email from Port City‘s owner Bill Butcher:

In the midst of the chaos that was our second anniversary party, our new friend Ross walked in the door with the bottle! We sent him home with a bag of PCBC swag!

Ross Armstrong purchased the brewery’s specially labeled millionth bottle at a Giant in Haymarket and scored two t-shirts, two logo pint glasses, two hats, two slap koozies and a signed, numbered limited edition 2nd anniversary poster. Nice find, Ross.  

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