It’s True: Adding Chicken Tenders to a Sandwich Is Brilliant, in That Better-Than-McDonald’s Kind of Way

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Tucked away at the end of a shopping center most known for its Swiss bakery, Smith & Clarkson's Deli offers the greatest kept secret in between sliced bread.



When it comes to sandwiches, there are certain combinations that aren’t too hot on paper but end up tasting okay. Like Reubens. I mean, whose bright idea was it to put corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and salad dressing together? And on rye bread, no less! 

Then there are sandwiches that have such high expectations that they can’t possibly fulfill them all. This is pretty much Fluffernutter territory.

And then there’s the Chicken Frisco: a sandwich so majestically perfect, so complete in every aspect, that anything other than just listing the ingredients would be a disservice to it. So here you go. You can’t say we didn’t warn you about the Lent thing.

          •Fried chicken tenders
          •Bacon strips
          •Fresh avocado slices
          •Grilled sourdough 

The first thing that registers when biting into the Chicken Frisco are the different levels of texture involved. The crispy chicken contrasts with the creamy avocado in a sort of yin-yang, Liz Lemon-Jack Donaghy, LeBron-Durant sort of way. If you’re a pepperoni-picker, try to curtail your cravings; this is not one of those sandwiches that can, or should, be eaten one layer at a time. 


I know it's uncouth to take pictures of your food, but this sandwich is so ridiculously photogenic.

Admittedly, I will almost eat anything that has avocado in the description and this sandwich does not disappoint. Instead of an afterthought, it’s a major part of the total package. There’s no skimping on it, nor any of the other ingredients (the tenders are bigger than Chicken Selects at McDonald’s).

Because of this, the Chicken Frisco is a big sandwich to fit into your mouth, so make sure you’re not wearing an Armani suit when you eat this, though dressing up at S&C’s shouldn’t be a worry. The place is like a mix between a neighborhood diner and downtown cafe in that it’s super casual.

Smith & Clarkson’s (or Will & Kelly’s as I sometimes call it) also makes a great fried bologna sandwich, if you’re into that.

Smith & Clarkson’s Deli, 8501 Braddock Rd., Springfield.


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