Hungry For Linkage: Food as Art + Testicle Festival + Tainted Turkey Meat

Posted by / Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

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Do you sometimes find art difficult to digest? This mouth watering Falls Church exhibit is much more consumable. [FallsChurchNewsPress]

One of the only categories that Foodie might triumph over Super Nerd in Jeopardy: I’ll take Pricey Restaurants for $500, Alex. [Eater]

Restaurants may begin pining for this new certification given by a DC-based NGO.  REAL designation (Responsible Epicurean and Agricultural Leadership) is given to restuarants that “promote sustainability” in their business practices. [DCist]

Tickets on sale now for the 9th Annual Testicle Festival.  Have a love of Rocky Mountain Oysters (or just an inexplicable  curiosity)? The event, hosted by the Montana State Society, will be held at the Virginia Square American Legion in Arlington on May 18. [ARLNow]

For more than just life’s staples: Belle Haven’s Bread & Water bakery will open next month.  It will replace Brennan’s Bakery in the same Alexandria location. [Patch]

Think swapping ground turkey for ground beef is always a healthier option?  Consumer Reports finds feces in more than half of those tested. [HuffPo]

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