Four More Cocktails for Your 5 O’Clocks: Summertime Drink Round Up, Part Two

Posted by / Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

The hottest days of summer are here, and the best way to cool off, is to sip on a summer cocktail and wait for the sun to set. In honor of those days you feel like you need to shower every hour, on the hour, we’ve got another group of new, summertime drinks to make you forget that you’ve sweated through your favorite shirt. 

Photo Courtesy of Jacque Riley

Its a Prohibition-era favorite.
The Negroni, a gin-based cocktail has been making its way back into the hearts of the gin lovers and gin-fearing drinkers alike. Brabo‘s take on the classic drink includes Plymouth Gin, Campari and Carpano Antica Vermouth. The Negroni is  being served as part of Brabo’s Summer of Gin, which includes ten gin cocktails on the menu and a regular rotation of gin punches served Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4 p.m. until close. / Brabo by Robert Weidmaier, 1600 King St., Alexandria.

Photo Courtesy of Stone's Cove Kitbar

It has interesting ice-cubes.
Stone’s Cove Kitbar is known for its many martinis, but this drink takes a happy house favorite and mixes it up with a summertime produce, pureed, squeezed and then frozen into ice cubes. The Blueberry Bourbon Sour has Makers Mark, lemon syrup, soda and blueberry ice cubes. / Stone’s Cove Kitbar, 2403 Centreville Road, Herndon.

Photo Courtesy of Society Fair

Its Tiki Time. 
I Am The Stockboy of Society Fair is a refreshing cocktail that combines pineapple wine, Todd Thrasher’s Pineapple Vanilla Tiki Mix, pineapple, vanilla, sugar, filtered water, and potassium sorbate. If it sounds fancy, it’s because it is.Todd made it. / Society Fair, 277 S. Washington St., Alexandria.

Photo Courtesy of Bayou Bakery

Its David’s Hard Lemonade, not Mike’s.
Celebrate 5 o’clock with $5 punches at Bayou Bakery Test out the Blueberry Lemonade cocktail. Its got  smashed blueberry juice, house-made lemonade, vodka and a pretty mint garnish. Looks healthy, right? Keep telling yourself that… / Bayou Bakery, 1515 N. Courthouse Road, Arlington.

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