Beer-and-Pizza Combo Takes on New Meaning with Beer-Infused Pizza Dough at Pizzeria Orso

Posted by / Friday, July 19th, 2013

Courtesy of Pizzeria Orso

“Killer flavor,” is how Will Artley describes his Belgian Ale-spiked pizza dough. We are in a time of craft beer craziness, so why wouldn’t the chef at Pizzeria Orso throw a hot ticket item into his pies?

Artley uses DC Brau’s The Citizen because of its unfiltered yeast. “There’s more stuff to eat,” which makes the dough ferment faster, says Artley. And because Artley uses a sourdough starter, the taste of the beer dough becomes extra acidic, with a “unique yeast flavor, aroma,” says the chef.

This is not the first time DC Brau intermingled with the pizza process. Last fall the D.C. brewery provided spent grain, a byproduct of the brewing process, to Pizzeria Paradiso to use for its dough.

Orso’s beer pizza is available only Fridays and Saturdays, starting today, and is of limited supply—only 24 dough balls—each night. Any set or custom pizza can be made with the beer dough, for the same price. Artley suggests trying the brew dough with The Tommy Boy and The North Beach.

Also tonight: an extremely limited run (four balls) of organic whole wheat sourdough, which must be asked for; it won’t be printed on the menu. / Pizzeria Orso, 400 S. Maple Ave.,  Falls Church

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Kathleen S. Says:

Gotta avoid anything w/barley (like most beer) because my husband is allergic to it so kinda worried about any residual effect in oven…prep ware…; would like the whole wheat to be available regularly – great for us diabetics (whole grain slows blood sugar rise from carbs)…

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