New Chef at Goodstone Inn, Elevates Sous Chef John Leonard to Chef de Cuisine

Posted by / Thursday, December 5th, 2013

Beet Salad at Goodstone Inn / Photography by Jonathan Timmes

After less than six months with Benjamin Lambert as the head of the kitchen—and who also moved to live on the property—Goodstone Inn has a new chef. John Leonard, a sous chef under Goodstone’s former Executive Chef Ian Dieter and previously of L’Auberge Chez François, will now serve as Chef de Cuisine, a publicist for the restaurant confirmed. According to the representative, “Leonard will continue Goodstone’s classic French presentation with heavy emphasis on local products from Goodstone and other local farms but will draw on his strong seafood background, rotating seasonal seafood specials on the menu.” 

In an interview with Lambert for Goodstone’s placement as the sixth Best Restaurant in Northern Virginia, Lambert said he was shifting away from French cooking at the Middleburg restaurant, and turning instead to a more seasonal and modern American approach. Lambert couldn’t be reached for comment. 

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One Response

Maxine mcwhorter Says:

As the breakfast chef at goodstone, I can’t even express
In words how happy I am that John Leonard is back.
I have worked in every aspect of the hospitality business
For 37 years. John is without a doubt what I would
Consider salt of the earth in culinary skills. He has
Worked his way up through the ranks, hard work, love
For the food and and the heat and grind that
Comes with a busy kitchen. He commands respect,
Easy to give, because he gives it back tenfold. The
Kitchen at goodstone is back on track, a good chef
At the helm who rally’s the foh and boh to work
Together. I’m excited about the future of our kitchen,
John leornard has not lost an ounce of his mojo, in fact
This promotion has lit a flame that I feel will heighten the
Culinary bite for goodstone. I’m happy to be part of it,
And I speak for the BOH as well as FOH.

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