13 Restaurant No-Nos That Shouldn’t Exist After 2013

Posted by / Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

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- The repeated use of “housemade” on menus

- Hard, cold butter

- Vibrating discs or texting to let you know when your table is available

- Sriracha squiggles

- You can have a fall menu without pumpkin spice

- Salted caramel everything

- Deconstructed anything. It’s a restaurant, not Legoland

- Sushi in non-sushi restaurants

- Foie gras with anything but foie gras (don’t need it on a  burger or mac n cheese)

- Charging for the bread basket

- Doughnuts for the sake of having a trendy treat

- The small plate trend … with each small plate costing the same as an entree

- Out of season fruit as dessert garnish (no one eats that strawberry next to the chocolate lava cake)

- Chocolate lava cake


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5 Responses

Denjil Says:

Sounds like you’d rather just cook at home :)

voiceofandrea Says:

Haha! Finally someone thinking like me. First, what started the salted caramel craze its everywhere! Now you will get a fight asking for fall to come without pumpkin spice – to most they go hand in hand. The pumpkin spice coffee creamer must stay :) Lastly the small plate trend doesn’t work in the South. We like country Texas size portions. In Dallas, the upscale new restaurants do that. The difference is the larger plate has bigger garnish. I’m with you…do away with them. Question..how will I know my table is ready without the vibrating disc? Loud speaker system could be dangerous lol

Ben Says:

What is wrong with a text when your table is ready? I find that to be very useful when wandering away from the restaurant (or at the bar).

TJ Hooker Says:

Check to all of the above and can we get an AMEN to number 8? :)

Anna Says:

I agree! But what is your solution to the vibrating disc? My restaurant seats 300, not including the huge U shape bar, we would never find anyone with the buzzers!

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