Cravings: Deep Fried Deviled Eggs at Rustico

Posted by / Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Photo by Ariel Yong

By Ariel Yong

Dish: Deep Fried Deviled Eggs, $2

Where: Rustico, 4075 Wilson Blvd., Arlington

Taste: Crunchy coating. Hints of pickle. Spicy aftertaste. Rustico turns this picnic classic into upscale bar food. A breading-like crust surrounds the firm white egg, adding a textural note to contrast the creaminess of the traditional whipped yolk filling. The egg sits atop a dollop of a caperberry remoulade—whole grain mustard, mayonnaise, pickles and capers—that brightens the fried orb. A drop of hot sauce leaves a subtle touch of heat on the tongue, not overpowering like spicy vinegar is prone to do. It’s Easter in July. 

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