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How to Resole a Coffee Shop: Shoe’s Cup and Cork Reopens in Leesburg

Posted by / Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Photo Courtesy of Shoe's Cup and Cork

The day after Christmas, Shoe’s Cup and Cork taped a note on the front window announcing its closing. The coffee shop’s owners, Ed and Jane Shihadehleft to open a sandwich place in Maryland because of “the limited kitchen, the coffee focus, the lack of parking and the relative lack of pedestrian traffic in Leesburg,” says Fred Schaufeld, the owner of the building. But a love for the historic building where a man named Arthur used to restore shoes encouraged Schaufeld to stay, renovate and reopen the shop.

“We didn’t really bring back the soul of the place. The place has its own soul,” he says in homophone-rich language. 

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Hungry for Linkage: Chobani Yogurt Recall + Food Week at Scientific American + Bring Your Dog to Dinner

Posted by / Thursday, September 5th, 2013


Javier Brosch /

DC Chef and Dublin native Cathal Armstrong receives the 2013 Jameson Irish Spirit Award at the “Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day” celebration on September 13. [The Ireland Funds]

Geek eat: Food Week at Scientific American. Network and guest bloggers publish grub related posts all this week. [Scientific American]

Arlington restaurants open up “dog-friendly” seating so you can eat with your best friend. [Arlington]

Meals on Wheels is looking for volunteer drivers in Franconia/Kingstowne, Reston, and Springfield. [Patch]

More like “no-gurt”: Chobani recalls mold-affected yogurt cups that have been causing illness. [International Business Times]

A recipe section has been added to the website of Maker’s Mark Bourbon, which includes Bourbon Bacon Chocolate Cookies. Does this mean you can get drunk off of a cookie? [Maker's Mark]

Here’s a very, very explicit (cussing!) and impassioned rant on the proper preparation of a burrito. [Medium]


‘Bachelor Pad’ Star Chris Bukowski’s Bracket Room Opens Tomorrow: Photos from VIP Preview Party

Posted by / Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Bracket Room chef Roland Kator, owner Chris Bukowski, and longtime friend Luigi Iovane celebrate the sports bar's opening. / Photo by Eliana Reyes

Last night, Chris Bukowski of “Bachelor Pad” reality show fame opened his “female friendly” sports bar, Bracket Room, for a VIP preview party.

“We’re an upscale sports bar, so we’re not your typical dive with your typical dive food,” says Bukowski. The tan raw leather seats agree. Wood tables communicate with the wood grain patterned walls that evoke warmth from the bottom lighting. Drinks served on the bar rest not on a wooden countertop but on stone, with swirled patterns resembling marble. 

The upscale interior design plays into Bukowski’s concept of the “female friendly” sports bar. “We’ve created a softer ambiance, an upscale ambiance, somewhere a woman can feel more comfortable… our bathrooms that are specifically made for a woman to be happy with the bathrooms,” he says. “It’s like going to the bathroom at the Four Seasons.” 

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Hungry for Linkage: Curry Mantra 3 Opens Sunday with Free Food + Guns and Starbucks + Pastrami Sandwiches

Posted by / Wednesday, September 4th, 2013


#Free food at the opening of Curry Mantra 3 in Vienna this Sunday. /  262H Cedar Lane SE, Vienna

Really, really insanely terrible, not funny at all ad campaign for Big Mac. [FB]

Rising pressure on Starbucks to outlaw guns in stores. [Grub Street]

Inside accounts from five New York Times food critics. [NYT]

On food, relationships and stereotypes, circa 1962: “And should you find yourself with a girl who orders a pastrami sandwich on whole-wheat toast with lettuce and Russian dressing (a meal I actually heard someone order in a New York delicatessen), you’d best be off before the waiter returns with the check.” [Brain Pickings]


*VA Made* Koozie Redux: The Beer Lasso

Posted by / Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

Photo by Stefanie Gans

The Beer Lasso: Slip the rope loops around the neck and bottom of your favorite bottled beer to avoid hand-heat warming the brew. / Whimsical Galerie in Manassas. 


Hungry for Linkage: Peach Scones + Pumpkin Spice M&M’s + Pepperoni Meatloaf

Posted by / Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

sergo iv/

Technically, it’s still summer. Make these peach scones. [Cupcakes for Breakfast]

Speaking of, more thoughts on peaches. [NVM]

Weeknight dinner idea: pepperoni meatloaf. [Ideas in Food]

Definitely thought this was an ill-timed April’s Fools joke, but alas, Budweiser releases a bowtie-shaped can. [ES]

Praise for iThai‘s num tok and drunken noodles. [B&E]

If you’ve been one of the few people who’ve secretly got their candy fix by chugging both Milk Chocolate M&M’s and Cinnamon Red Hots, well, these Pumpkin Spice M&M’s are going to make you happy.” []The Impulsive Buy]


Enjoy Labor Day, And If You’re Not at the Beach…

Posted by / Monday, September 2nd, 2013


Here’s what to do: Labor Day Guide


Ashby Inn Announces New Chef: David Dunlap, Former Executive Sous Chef at Inn at Little Washington

Posted by / Friday, August 30th, 2013

Courtesy of David Dunlap

The Loudoun County chef shuffle is complete as Ashby Inn & Restaurant names its new chef: David Dunlap. Dunlap, born in Washington state, most recently worked at the Inn at Little Washington as the executive sous chef. 

Talent exchanges started on the last day of July when news broke that Chris Edwards of Restaurant at Patowmack Farm would become the chef de cuisine of the two restaurants at the Salamander Resort & Spa in Middleburg, which opened yesterday. Two weeks later, Patowmack Farm announced his replacement: Tarver King of Ashby Inn, nominated this year for a RAMMY Award in best fine dining.

King, who spent nearly four years at Ashby Inn, left in what was a surprise to Neal Wavra, general manager of the Inn. 

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Second Shift: Manna Bistro & Bakery’s Rediet Berhane Swaps Program Analyst for Restaurant Life

Posted by / Friday, August 30th, 2013

Photo courtesy of Rediet Berhane

A series on NoVA chefs who have made kitchen life their next career.

While working as a program analyst, Rediet Berhane‘s sister approached her to help manage Manna Bistro & Bakery. Hesitating at first, Berhane set aside the safe office job and now works for herself managing what is, what she calls, her roller coaster of a restaurant.

[NVM] You were a program analyst at a contracting agency before moving to Manna Bistro & Bakery. Explain your job.
[RB] The company that I worked with takes government contracts … data analysis and program analysis [and looks] into how programs are performing, not performing; outcomes after implementing a program; [and] what is happening to those programs. 

What was your reaction when your sister approached you to do Manna?
For quite a while, I was hesitant. I didn’t accept it right away. But I kept entertaining it and then the idea of in life we have few opportunities, and you know, you miss that opportunity and it may never come back. So, that’s what made me change my mind to say that, “You know what? Let me try it,” instead of looking back in life saying that what would have happened had I tried it.

I changed my mind because it just seemed that it’s a natural thing to do.

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Hungry for Linkage: Save Duke House of Kabob + Don’t Eat Breakfast + Pop-up at Trummer’s On Main

Posted by / Friday, August 30th, 2013


Duke House of Kabob could lose its lease. From the petition

“The owner, Khosrou Nazemzadeh, came to this country with little money and the dream of providing his children with safety, prosperity, and opportunity.  He worked his way from a cook at Arby’s to a business owner all in the name of his children. He wanted to give them a life he never had. Today, both his children are physicians. He is the embodiment of the American Dream.” [Fox /]

Kind of related to food, but basically, this is awesome and creepy and just—wow. [Martha Stewart American Made]

New developer awaiting approval to destroy Jay’s Saloon. [ARLnow]

Breakfast is over rated. [Details]

“Austrian heuriger” pop-up—coming after its successful temporary burger bar—due at Trummer’s On Main this fall. [Capitol File Magazine]

Marijuana goes farm-to-table, or rather, “closet-to-bong.” [Modern Farmer]


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