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Hungry for Linkage: Time Disses Goddesses of Food + Artfully Chocolate’s Best Hot Chocolate + TNT’s Trivia Night Offers Mega Prize

Posted by / Monday, November 11th, 2013

Alena Ozerova /

With Time’s exclusion of female chefs in the “Gods of Food” story, Grub Street compiled a list of 10 remarkable chefs who “just so happen to be women.” [Grub Street]

Want to name a restaurant? Malone’s is holding a contest to name their forthcoming upstairs bar. Winner gets bragging rights and a $100 gift card. 

Artfully Chocolate’s “divas” collection of drinks is named one of the best 15 places for hot chocolate by Fodor’s. [Fodor's]

On the other end of the eating spectrum, DCist has a new column called “Dear John” that rates and ranks bathrooms in well-known dining establishments. [DCist]

All that knowledge you never thought would come in handy just might: Bar TNT begins hosting Trivia Night this Wednesday. The game lasts six rounds, and winners get a gift card to Restaurant Eve. 


Hungry for Linkage: Goodbye Trans Fats + Hello Thaiger Asian Bistro + RIP Charlie Trotter

Posted by / Friday, November 8th, 2013

Paula Cano / Photo Courtesy of Carmello’s

Colombian-native Paula Cano has been named head chef at Carmello’s in Old Town Manassas. Cano had already been apart of the Carmello’s team for two years and also worked under 2941′s Chef Bertrand Chemel.

What’s new this fall? Eater gives a list of new restaurants this season, including NoVA’s Water & Wall, Cafe Aficionado, and BJ’s Brewhouse. [Eater]

Give others a reason to be thankful this year. Send pies and Thanksgiving meals to people facing life-challenging illnesses through Foods and Friends. [DCist]

Former Fatshorty’s space in Clarendon to be replaced by Thaiger Asian Bistro. [ARLnow]

Wellington’s in the Westfields Marriot undergoes some aesthetic and culinary changes. [Eater]

RIP Chef Charlie Trotter, the Chicago chef who helped elevate American cuisine at his restaurant and with his PBS television series. [NPR]

Empty names: Food companies have been wiping “Natural” off their labels. [GrubStreetNY]

Trans fats are dead. [WaPo]

For those who enjoy a really big brunch, the Rosslyn pizzeria Piola begins serving “no limit” brunch specials on pizza, sangria, and sparkling alcoholic drinks this Saturday. Get there between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. and see if you can try every pizza. 

More free food: When Bar Louie opens in Gainesville, the celebration will last four days, from Nov. 14 – 17. All guests can expect a free appetizer or flatbread and other specials will be available. 


Q&A with Greg Knott, Photographer Who Marries Humor and Food

Posted by / Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Perhaps while eating out, you have noticed the photographs of food lining the walls and wondered who takes those photos or how those ideas are formed. Photographer Greg Knott gives a picture of the thought process and how pairing milk with wine makes sense. 

Photo Courtesy of Greg Knott.

NVM: How did you get started in photography? 

GK: I was a commercial photographer. I guess that’s how I got started in the arts. I started in photography in college I took some drafting courses and photography courses and then won some awards in both, but kind of flipped a coin and photography took less schooling. So I went that direction thinking that I’d have to get a real desk job one day but so far so, so good. 

The face behind the photos, Greg Knott /Photo Courtesy of Greg Knott

Most of your work tends to be in a series, and in an interview you’ve said that you love seeing the smile on people’s faces when they “get it.” What is your process for brainstorming these ideas? 

At this point, now that it’s going, people will come to me and they’ll want to get a, you know, I had a dentist come to me and she wanted a piece. So the process is just trying to deconstruct what it is to be a dentist and its pieces and then try to, uh, just its simplest elements. And the same thing, of course, like a food dish. That’s a little easier where you just break it up into its simplest ingredients. 

One series that you did variations of was the idea of the PB&J. Why did you feel it was important to do a jelly, jam, fruit preserve and what seems to be a “healthy” PB&J? 

Oh yeah, the organic one? Original I had was the Skippy, the Smuckers jelly and the Wonderbread. And that’s kind of what I think of as your classic peanut butter and jelly. And what I’ve done, two other versions now, and that’s just what the people requested. I had a client that wanted a healthy, organic peanut butter and jelly and I was said, “Alright, cool. I can do that.” 

Classic PB&J /Photo Courtesy of Greg Knott

On the less healthy side, let’s talk candy. I love the triptychs of the two chili peppers and then Hot Tamales, and the two real lemons with Lemonheads candy. What’s up with the 100 Grand one? I can’t eat these stacks of Benjamins. 

Well, that’s kind of hundred grand. I don’t know. The wads of cash? It’s funny those first three that you mentioned were some of the very first ones that I did and those aren’t so much a deconstruction of something as they are just kind of fun. And how I think it evolved is that I did those and then I did the s’mores ‘cause it was with the candy. The very first show I did, I got so much reaction from the deconstruction of the s’mores that I was like, “Alright, let me try this.” And then I came up with the duck duck goose and the rock-paper-scissors, and it just went from there. So now everything I do is more of a deconstruction of something and not just kind of fun like those first ones. 

That s’mores one is another interesting case. The triptych is in the style of a lot of your other work, where each piece is presented like a portrait. The quadriptych, though, is presented vertically and with movement that shows the s’more coming together. What was your thought process like for that one? 

Most of my work these days is just driven by demand. I had a client that was going to buy a large s’mores in the triptych version and they told me they were going to rotate it in 90 degrees and have it go up a wall so it would fit the space in their kitchen that was very kind of tall. And I was just, not appalled but you can’t do that. The horizon line will be on the side then. It was just kind of, you know, that’s going to look weird! And so I tell them, “Don’t buy this one. Let me go back and shoot one for you that’s more of a collapsing s’mores.” And they were very excited about that so I went back and shot that for them so it would go with the kitchen wall for them. 

S'mores Horizontally /Photo Courtesy of Greg Knott

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Governor-Elect Terry McAuliffe Celebrates in NoVA’s Chima Brazilian Steakhouse

Posted by / Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Kirk Wiles and Ray Regan with McAuliffe / Photo Credit: Christina Mohr

The McAuliffe campaign chose Tysons Corner’Chima Brazilian Steakhouse to celebrate the gubernatorial victory of  Terry McAuliffe. According to the press release, 170 guests dined on: “grilled boneless chicken, pork loin with parmesan cheese, Brazilian sausage, fresh baked cheese bread and beef croquettes and drank traditional Brazilian Caipirinhas.”


Hungry for Linkage: Canned Art + BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse Opens + Free Sub Sandwiches

Posted by / Monday, November 4th, 2013

mj007 /

Yes, they can: This year’s Canstructionan annual canned food sculpture competition, is up for display at Reagan National Airport until Nov. 9. [ARLnow]

Head to Tysons Corner this Wednesday for the opening of the DMV area’s first BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse. [WBJ]

When Jersey Mike’s Subs opens in South Riding this Wednesday, they will offer 10,000 coupons for free subs with a $1 donation to either Freedom High School or John Champe High School. Can’t make it Wednesday? The promotion lasts until Nov. 10. [Patch]

Taste and drink some of the best that fall has to offer at Mad Fox Brewery’s Autumn Beer Dinner this Wednesday. Dishes range from Boar Ragout to Roasted Bone Marrow, and every course is paired with an apt beer. 

No guts, no glory: Glory Days is offering more franchise opportunities in DC, Maryland and Virginia. [Eater]

Cameron’s Chocolates, a coffee and chocolate shop in Fairfax Circle, shows that “everyone can work” thanks to namesake Cameron Graham:  “At least half of the shop’s employee base is made up of individuals with intellectual disabilities, and they’re doing an amazing job of running the place.” [Patch]


Cravings: Baked Potato Pizza at Rustico

Posted by / Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Photo by Stefanie Gans

Dish: Baked Potato Pizza with cheddar bechamel, carmelized onion, confit fingerlings, bacon, chives and sour cream.

Where: Rustico827 Slaters Lane, Alexandria

Taste: Honestly, it’s the best pizza I’ve had in a while. Usually I find the most joy in a cheese slice, New Jersey-style. But with the triple dairy attack, plus soft  potato discs and the crunch of bacon, well, this works too. 

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Hungry for Linkage: Eating Insects + New Restaurants for Mosaic District + ‘Ron Swanson’ on Meat

Posted by / Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Helga Esteb/

We may have a while until our country embraces eating insects: “Although insects are important foods in many societies, eating insects violates the sensibilities of the Western palate (even entomophagous cultures are rather discriminating as to which insects are on the menu). So offensive are insects in terms of the American diet that even traces of their bodies are scrupulously regulated. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration considers insect parts on a par with rat droppings.” [The Atlantic]

Against the cult: An anti-Paleo Crossfiter. [TreeHugger]

Mosaic District in Merrifield adds more chains: Cyclone Anaya’s on Thursday and Ted’s Bulletin next year. | More on Mosaic District [Eater]

Go highbrow this week with The New Yorker’s food issue

You can have my rib eye when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers.” Nick Offerman is Ron Swanson. [Mostly Cabbages]


Water & Wall Opens Saturday: Here’s the Menu

Posted by / Monday, October 28th, 2013

Design by Studio Ideya / Photography by Joey Hernandez

“If we actually opened on time, I’d think we were cursed,” says Joey Hernandez, the wife and business partner of Tim Ma, who together are opening Water & Wall in Arlington. The two also own Maple Ave Restaurant in Vienna. The “creative American” restaurant’s debut will shift from November 1 to November 2, this Saturday. “I think Maple Ave also opened a day late,” says Hernandez.

You can make a reservation on Water & Wall’s website (though CityEats) starting today. Below, the first peek at the menu:

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Books on the Burner: NoVA Cycling Team Rides 620 Miles and Publishes Bacon Cookbook

Posted by / Monday, October 28th, 2013

Author Dave Lavery in front of the Curt's Ride Van /Photo Courtesy of Andrew Nguyen

Biking 620 miles in one week for cancer research and awareness calls for extreme eating. While making the trek from Amelia Island, at the top of Florida, to the southernmost point of Key West, the Curt’s Ride cycling team—named for friend and former classmate at Herndon High School, Curt Ewald, who lost his battle with cancer in 2010—had to keep up their calorie count to maintain the needed energy to ride 90 miles each day.

This month, the NoVA-based cyclists and co-authors Dave Lavery and Stacey O’Brien  released “The Bacon Route,” a cookbook that compiles bacon recipes from the team, five of whom have NoVA roots. Spliced in with the recipes are anecdotes from the trip that correspond with memories of the food, such as the Daytona Beach Horseradish Cream Cheese, along with biking jargon. /

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To Do This Weekend: Chocolate Festival + Barter Fair

Posted by / Friday, October 25th, 2013


Yea, there’s gonna be a chocolate-themed cook off. Dreams come true at Choctoberfest at Ten Thousand Villages in Alexandria. 

It’s like old times at Mountain View Farm in Purcellville as homemade food can be exchanged for your neighbor’s pickled okra. 

DETAILS + MORE| October Food & Drink Calendar



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