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Hungry for Linkage: An Old Spanish Cocktail + 30 Rock + Mad Men

Posted by / Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Lyudmila Suvorova/

Knife skills, brought to you by GIFs. [Lifehacker]

Arlington makes it more hospitable for food trucks. [ARLnow]

Eat More Kale v. Eat More Chikin, a court battle. [Consumerist]

“American taxpayers subsidize the purchase of about $4 billion worth of soda products annually,” states a press release from National Center for Public Policy Research, on Coca-Cola lobbying for SNAP (food stamp) dollars. [NCPPR]

TV geeks unite: 30 Rock made-up cocktail reference on Mad Men. [Uproxx] 

Food economist Tyler Cowen on Michael Pollan’s new book, “Cooked.” [TCEDG]


Fido’s Invited to Happy Hour: 6 Tips for Dining with Your Dog

Posted by / Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Photo by Lindsey Jenkins

It is something no dog owner likes to see: the look on your pup’s face as you head out the door. It’s almost as if they know you’re leaving them behind to go out for a drink. Luckily for Arlington residents, those sad eyes will be no more. 

Arlington County Health Division is now accepting applications from restaurants to allow dogs at dinner. Approved applicants are granted a one-year license that allows customers to dine with their pooch in the restaurants’ outdoor areas.

While the new license allows the restaurant to cater to pups, regulations prohibit your furry friend from bellying-up to the table and sharing a plate with you.  Bringing your dog out to eat can be a tricky process, and often leaves owners with a few questions.

6 Tips for Dining with Your Dog

1. Feed Fido: Don’t bring a hungry dog to a restaurant. That’s no guarantee that a burger and fries won’t still tempt Fido to jump on the table, but a recently satisfied pup is safer bet. 

2. Exercise Fido: Take Fido on a good walk or run before heading out. You don’t want him performing back-flips while you chat with friends over drinks. A tired dog is a calmer dog. 

3. Mind Fido’s Bladder: Be sure Fido makes it off the patio before letting him do his business. Don’t be caught empty-handed when he decides it’s time to go. Avoid the awkward situation and come prepared with bags to clean up after. Napkins don’t count. 

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Hungry for Linkage: Alexandria Is Best Southern Foodie City + Openings, Closings + Cajun in Seven Corners

Posted by / Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Nayashkova Olga/

Alexandria named “Best Foodie of the South” by Conventionsouth Magazine. [Patch]

Paladar Latin Kitchen (with rum bar!) coming to Tysons. [WBJ]

To Be Thai will close on on Saturday. [Patch]

Another food company in controversy. Eden Foods vs. birth control. [Salon]

Cajun in Seven Corners. [DCDining]


Hungry for Linkage: Dishcrawl Coming to Clarendon + McDonald’s Gets McCultural + Coffee Reporter Saves a Life

Posted by / Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013


Dishcrawl, a national start-up that brings restaurant crawls to different cities, is taking over Arlington on May 12. [NVMwire]

McDonald’s plan to globalize its restaurants could bring a Chicken McMuffin with Egg (from Malaysia), Spicy Thai McBistro Chicken (from Canada) and Iced Green Tea (Thailand) to U.S. menus. [BurgerBusiness]

Check out Darna, the newest restaurant in Arlington, for Lebanese-inspired dishes made by Michel Dawaliby. [Eater]

There’s an app for that: food, cooking and kitchen-smart applications that should be on your phone now. [HuffPo]

Carpenter’s Cook Off tickets still available. [NVMwire]

Spring veggie map: where to find ramps (similar to leeks with a oniony/garlicy taste) in the DMV—Pizzeria Orso and The Grill at Morrison House make the list. [Eater]

A coffee reporter saves a life. [NPR]


Click-Through Dining: 7 Restaurants Deals Only Available Through Social Media

Posted by / Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Courtesy of Bayou Bakery

While our inboxes are bombarded with daily deals, some restaurants are using social media pages to offer specials directly to fans. Here are some of the best deals from NoVA restaurants. 

Pazzo Pomodoro Pizzeria Cantina
The Vienna Italian restaurant asks Facebook friends to answer trivia about the restaurant to win free Nationals tickets. It only took a couple minutes for Pazzo to find a winner. / 118 Branch Road, Vienna.

The only thing better than a cupcake is a free cupcake. Cupcakes Actually, self-proclaimed “cupcake snobs” love to give away free cupcakes for answering trivia questions online. / 11944 Grand Commons Ave., Fairfax.

The Cajun/Creole/Korean restaurant’s twitter background, a sketch of the place, is what caught our attention first. Then, we gravitated towards the deals: “Love visiting us? Get $15 for visiting two times” [Twitter] / 20789 Great Falls Plaza, #176,  Sterling.

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Hungry for Linkage: Eating for Earth Day + I Heart Artichokes + Oh, Kale No

Posted by / Monday, April 22nd, 2013


Artichoke season: unlocking hidden potential. [NYT]

Something that doesn’t need to happen again: trying all the Skinnygirl flavors. [HuffPo]

Oh, kale no. [Tasting Table]

A question of fresh pumpkin in Falls Church. [WaPo]

M&M nation. [The New Yorker]

On Earth Day, think about the foods impacted by climate change. [HuffPo]

It’s coffee week on NPR. [NPR]


Culinary Clips: How to Turn a Coke into…Water?

Posted by / Friday, April 19th, 2013

It might be a viral video for OKO Water Bottle Filters, but it’s cool nonetheless.

Although the man in the video speaks Japanese, his actions are clear. My only question is…what does it taste like? Surely, nobody has the answer to THAT question…oh, wait, OKO does:

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Hungry for Linkage: Brazilian Chef on Time 100 + Tom Colicchio on The Hill + New Budweiser Can

Posted by / Friday, April 19th, 2013 Sports Photography

 Brazilian chef Alex Atala earns a spot on the Time 100. Noma‘s René Redzepi pens the piece. [Time]

A look inside the new Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Ashburn. [Patch]

A full-service restaurant in Arlington with nothing over $9? [DCDining]

The truth behind the cupcake collapse. [Grub Street]

Top Chef‘s Tom Colicchio helps push GMO labeling on Capitol Hill. [EWG via Food Republic]

Easily squeeze more into your mouth with Budweiser’s new can…It took them three years to make this. [Newsday]


Wine of the Week: 2009 Rojo XOCO by Horton Vineyards

Posted by / Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Photo Courtesy of Horton Vineyards

Wine of the Week: It’s not necessary to be a wine aficionado to enjoy these musings.

Name: Rojo XOCO

Year: 2009

Varietals: 88% Touriga Nacional, 8% Syrah, 4% Norton

Winery/Vineyard: Horton Vineyards

Price: $16 (500 ml bottle)

Word of the Week: Touriga Nacional is a grape variety native to the Dao region of Portugal. Despite low yields, it is considered among one of the most prized grapes from this wine region and is often used in port blends.

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Hungry for Linkage: Freeze-Dried Fruit Snacks + Post-Practice Personalized Smoothies + Chick-fil-A Unveils New Salads

Posted by / Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Photo Courtesy of Funky Monkey Snacks

#MustTry From the land of snacks on NoVA’s Food Desk: freeze-dried fruit. At first we were put off by the chalky, powdery and unusual texture, especially that of a deflated pineapple (do not buy!). But Funk Monkey‘s banana freeze-dried slices taste just like regularly dried bananas, minus any additional sweeteners. Freeze-dried, as defined by its producer, is “more nutritious than regular dried fruit, as it retains nearly all of the nutrients versus 45% nutrient retention in dried fruit. It also contains less water, which equals better flavor and better value.” I liked the banana slices straight from the bag or cracked on top of yogurt.

After fifty years of food coverage, the Washington Post releases a cookbook. [WaPo] 

A year after angering human equality advocates with President Dan Cathy‘s controversial views on gay marriage, Chick-fil-A tries to win back Millennials with new salad options. [USA Today]

Malones—although already open since February, and included in Northern Virginia Magazine’s April issue on new hot spots—is holding a grand opening ceremony, ribbon cutting and all. [Patch] 

“Small-plate eating fits the current zeitgeist, in which sharing is cool, eating out is casual, and diners are more eager to try everything.” [WCP]

New Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly provides players with post-practice personalized smoothies. What has Mike Shanahan done for RGIII lately? [NFL]     


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