Dental Myths Debunked

We asked some of our Top Dentists to debunk some of the myths that are floating about.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Two women from Northern Virginia share their stories of how they beat the disease. And we let others know how to help in the fight.

Not Falling Victim to Weight Gain in the Office

Tips from Fitness on the Run founder Adrien Cotton to help you stay fit in the office.

Oil Pulling: is it really good for you?

Facing the facts on the ancient fad of oil pulling.

A Healthy Mind

New study ranks Virginia 18th in brain health.

Beauty and the Brand

Digital media and beauty expert Nicole Marie Melton sifts through her product-lined shelves to share her current faves and details on her latest project.

Should you buy organic produce?

Organic or not? Not all produce are sprayed equal, and the amount of pesticide depends on the fruit or vegetable.

Advances Taking Hold in Senior Care

Talk to any senior care or geriatric doctor today and they’ll all say the same thing: Nobody wants to go to a retirement home. But for many of us, it’s too expensive or inefficient to age gracefully in the comforts of home. Or is it? Here’s what aging NoVinians have to look forward to in their golden years.

Top Dentists 2013: Steps to a beautiful smile

Some of top dentists’ tips for a healthy smile.

Great Hair

Local salons share their tips and tricks of the trade to help you take the guesswork out of head-turning hair.

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