Northern Virginia’s concussion wake-up call

For every concussion reported, experts estimate 26 are ignored or treated at home. Medical providers across the region are working to change that by increasing awareness about concussions and making it easier for people to get the care they need fast.

5 easy ways to stay healthy while dining out

While eating out may provide a convenience factor and an enjoyable setting, it’s not all positive. The downside to dining out is that most restaurants go overboard on the portions, resulting in high calories and fat content.

Health brief: the compromise of nutritional supplements for teens

Teenage athletes in Northern Virginia are taking supplements to succeed at sports. Local experts weigh in.

5 ways to make any push-up harder

If you’ve become rather awesome at push-ups, then it may be time to progress them. Here’s how.

Body by Design

Athleisure is more than just a fashion trend; it’s an all-encompassing lifestyle.

5 Youtube channel indoor workouts to change your life

Because the cold weather shouldn’t keep you from fulfilling those New Year’s resolutions.

Learn to do a perfect squat for strong, shapely legs

Just like most exercises, when squats are performed correctly, the benefits are great. To avoid a setback, here is how to perform the perfect squat.

Before you dive face-first into a vat of eggnog, read this.

Before you dive face-first into a tin of holiday cookies and vat eggnog, here are a few simple tips for keeping your spirits high and pants comfortably buttoned.

How to do a perfect plank for tighter abs

There are also many progressions that can make the basic plank more difficult, like a narrow leg stance or balancing on one arm or leg. However, before moving on to any advanced variation, it’s important to know how to perform a standard plank correctly.

Superhero supplement: How probiotics can change your life

Growing research shows probiotics are a champion for more than restoring gut flora killed off by antibiotics. Probiotics transport good bacteria into your gut to knock out the bad bacteria causing trouble in your digestive system.

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