3 simple tips for healthy eating this Thanksgiving

Don’t let Thanksgiving throw off your healthy eating. Check out these three simple tips to keep in mind to keep your waistline in check.

Pick up a book—it’s good for your mental health

Therapists’ use of bibliotherapy encourages clients to find commonalities with characters in order to know that they are not alone.

Build your plate, build your life

When it comes to weight loss, or even general health, nutrition is everything. One must not only know what to eat, but also how much of it to eat.

Top Dentists for Northern Virginia in 2015

We’ve reached out to a handful of our top dentists asking them what advice and tips they wish all of their patients knew so they could have the best visits possible. Find out what they had to say.

3 ways to circuit train and sidestep joint pain

These joint-friendly finishers are low impact and easy on the body but still tough.

Save time with supersets

Quick workouts are great when you’re short on time. Exercise selection is everything. Keep your workout humming and the intensity high with supersets.

Quick workouts for big results

For busier days when 20-30 minutes is all you have, do these exercises to make the best use of your time.

Meet Your Local Heroes: Sisters Helping Breast Cancer Survivors

Area women who have made it their life’s mission to help breast cancer survivors thrive.

3 strategies for setting attainable goals

In order to achieve a goal, you must first set the right goal, a goal that makes sense, is attainable and, most importantly, involves something that you enjoy.

3 steps to creating healthy habits

Have you ever tried to make a change, only to take on too much at once and give up? You might be unknowingly setting yourself up to fail.

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