New Hair

Do’s … and Don’ts

by Alexandra Scarfone

Thinking about changing up your hairstyle? Find out about the hottest new cuts and colors for your face shape, as well as what to avoid.

We know summer can be tough on your hair. Swimming at the pool is a great activity, but it is not so great for your hair. And don’t even get us started on the humidity. Well relax; with the help of five Northern Virginia stylists, we’ll help you figure out the perfect products to use. And with fall right around the corner, what better time than now to look into a fabulous new hairstyle while you’re at it?

The Perfect Cuts for…

Courtesy of PR at Partners (Oval, Round, Square) Coka/ (Heart)

Courtesy of PR at Partners (Oval, Round, Square) Coka/ (Heart)


An Oval Face

If you have an oval face, you’re in luck! All five of our salon experts agreed: Oval faces can wear anything.
Deidre Castronovo, the owner of Reston’s PR at Partners, says she personally likes to push the bangs to the side to create a bit of width.
Avoid: Going with the same look for too long. Since oval faces can try anything, why not be a bit daring next time you go to the salon? Try something new!

A Round Face

Lisa Hall, the owner of Image Salon and Boutique in Leesburg, says, “Think opposite. A squared-off bob is usually great to elongate the face, as long as it falls below the jaw line.”
Jaime Barreras, the manager of Ronnie Elias Salon in Oakton, recommends wispy, side-swept bangs and layering near the shoulders to create a longer line.
Avoid: Blunt cuts that create a hard line.

A heart-shaped Face

According to Hall, heart-shaped faces can go longer and should create fullness around the chin.
David Bakir, a stylist at Springfield’s Jon David Salon, recommends face-framing layers and bangs swept to the side, in order to cut the symmetry.
Avoid: A straight bang or anything that adds width near the forehead and eyes.

A square Face

According to Barreras, “The key is to have tons of layers because the inward-facing layer takes away some of the harsh angles.”
Laura West, the owner of BellaWest Eco-Friendly Salon in Alexandria, recommends cropped waves to create softness around the face.
Avoid: A one-length bob. Barreras says this will accentuate an angular jaw, as opposed to downplaying it.

How To Determine Face Shape
Jamie Barreras, the manager of Ronnie Elias Salon, recommends:
Pull all your hair back and look in the mirror.
Shadow an oval line over your face and see where most of the face is outside the oval.
Round Faces: Your face is usually as wide as it is long.Heart-Shaped Faces: Your jaw is usually narrow with wide cheekbones. Square Face: Your forehead and jaw are usually wide, falling outside the oval lines.


Do’s and Don’ts:
How to get the most out of your salon visit

The No. 1 tip we heard from all of our salon experts: Be completely honest and upfront with your stylist.

According to Barreras, this is especially important when getting your hair colored. “The stylists need to know if you’ve used boxed color before so the chemicals we use  [in the salon] don’t have a bad reaction with your hair.”

Hall recommends asking your stylist what kind of products are being used—stylists often use products that the salon doesn’t sell.

Another tip most of our stylists agreed on? Be realistic.

”Bringing pictures is a plus, but be open to different ideas and realize that it usually won’t come out just like the picture,” says Bakir.



Yuri Arcurs/ (head shots); Ivanova Inga/ (color swatches)

Yuri Arcurs/ (head shots); Ivanova Inga/ (color swatches)

The Perfect Colors For…
 Light to pink skin tones

If you have pinks in your skin tone, all our experts agreed: Stay far, far away from reds; they accentuate the pink in your skin.
Bakir recommends trying more ashy tones, such as beiges or neutral blondes.
If you’re a brunette with light skin, Barreras says to avoid rich browns and look for cooler, neutral shades of brown.

Medium to tan skin tones

Since these skin tones tend to have golden undertones, Castronovo recommends going in between golden and cooler tones, making it look natural.
Hall says these skin tones are more personalized; she likes to try café colors like chocolate or mocha chocolate.

Dark olive to African American skin tones

Hall recommends a caramel color, but nothing too light because these skin tones tend to have hair that pulls in brassiness.
If you’re looking to try something different, Bakir says a violet red with honey wheat highlights can look great on people with darker skin.

Our Experts’ Picks

“I’d definitely recommend anything from the Phyto product line.” -Deidre Castronovo

“I’m all about organic products: The less chemicals you use, the better off you will be. Organic Care and Onesta Organic are two of my favorite lines.” -Laura West

“I love J Beverly Hills Rescue. It’s an anti-aging line, and it has a DHT (the hormone that causes you to lose hair) blocker in it.”
-Lisa Hall

“I have thick, coarse hair, and I love Aveda Smooth Infusion shampoo and conditioner. Their Phomollient Styling Foam is great too; it’s super lightweight and has just the right amount of flexible hold.” -Jaime Barreras

“I like the Kenra Platinum line. Their products are texturizing and help separate the ends of your hair.”
-David Bakir

The Perfect products for …


Looking for something eco-friendly? West recommends the Deva Curl product line. It’s specially formulated for curly hair, to reduce frizz without all the harsh detergents found in most shampoos.

Barreras says she loves the Aveda Be Curly line. The style prep helps cut the frizz the minute you step out of the shower. Follow that up with the curl enhancer, which forms the curls in a uniform state that lasts all day.


Trying to keep away that humidity? Barreras recommends trying the Aveda Smooth Infusion line; the style prep has a UV protectant and will cut frizz and repel humidity for up to 12 hours.

Hall says if you’re going to blow dry, just add J Beverly Hills Crazy Straight beforehand, and your hair will dry with a shiny, straight finish.


If your hair sees a lot of flat-ironing, Castronovo recommends Kerastase Nectar Thermique. It’s heat protecting and adds a nice glamorous finish for a wave.

For wavy haired gals, Bakir recommends the J Beverly Hills Beach Spray, which redefines the curl, while adding a more tousled, textured feel.


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David of Jon David Salon cuts hair with style. He listens, is creative, and is skilled. His cuts are easy to maintain and continue to look well for weeks.

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