Simple Weekend Project: New Uses for Old Ladders

By Caty Gordon

If you’re not sure what to do with an old ladder stowed in the garage or up in the attic, don’t throw it away just yet. Clean it up, scrape or sand off the old paint, give it a fresh coat (maybe a bold accent color), and try one of these secondhand chic design ideas.

(Southern Living)

(Southern Living)

Try this unique storage trick for displaying books without breaking the bank on an expensive shelving unit. Hang magazines over the rungs to break up the space.


(Woman's Day)

Pot rack.
Use a small ladder to hang above a kitchen island as the perfect rack for pots and pans. Screw hooks onto the ceiling and into the ends of the ladder, attach the hooks with a chain, slip pot hooks over rungs, and easily hang kitchenware.

(This Old House)

(This Old House)

Towel rack.
Instead of splurging on an expensive towel rack, use what’s already at home by hanging linens from the steps of a ladder. Or, use the money you saved on a new set of linens to show off your recycled rungs.



Closet organizer.
Having a hard time storing bulky purses? What about sweaters, pants or ta chic scarf collection? An old ladder in the closet is a great way to organize clothing and accessories. Further upgrade the space by painting the ladder a bold color, or by inserting hooks into the rails to hang long necklaces.



Wall decor.
For a place to hang your art or memorabilia, hang a ladder horizontally from a wall, and use it as a shelf. Give the ladder a fresh coat of paint (one that accents the room), and affix artwork, photographs or decorations to the rails.

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NattieBoCar Says:

Great ideas!

Sherry Watkins Says:

Very clever ladder ideas. Would never have thought of these ideas myself. I especially like the pot rack one!

Rose T Says:

Two years ago, after staring for weeks at an old ladder I saw it’s great potential. I used ours on an external garden facing wall. We painted the ladder/s (2 pieces) gloss leaf green, set them out out a little from the wall and under each other. We then secured pots of herbs and hanging plants and flowers from them. With the white wall behind, it looks stunning and always admired. Good to see great ideas are shared.

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