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By Lynn Norusis

Inspiration comes in many forms: a magazine spread, a scene on the screen or a blog. We’re inspired on a daily basis by those who make interior design a lifestyle, and a hobby. Here are just a few of those who are inspiring us through their home and design work.


Lauren Liess of Pure Style Home

Pure Style Home

Lauren Liess at Pure Style Home brings followers on a journey of work for her clients and her own home. With a casual tone, Liess lets us know it is OK to decorate, then redecorate, then redecorate again, changing the interiors of our own home as often as our tastes and the trends change.

Not only does she give a rundown of the things that inspire her, but she also keeps us up to date on the happenings in her own life, making her feel more like a friend that just someone dishing design advice.

Her palate trends along the lines of traditional with a twist—her open-shelved kitchen with chalkboard-painted fridge was the lynchpin in our devoted following—and the casual breeze that her designs show make us want to vacation in any of her designs.

Chalkboard-Painted Fridge (Photo Courtesy of Helen Norman)


Lauren's Home (Photo Courtesy of Helen Norman)


Family Room (Photo Courtesy of Helen Norman)


Office (Photo Courtesy of Helen Norman)



Jennifer Wagner Schmidt of JWS Interiors

JWS Interiors

Jennifer Wagner Schmidt started her blog, JWS Interiors, in October 2011, and has consistently been inspiring homeowners with bold designs that can be incorporated into any design, and she does it in an affordable way.

Her showcase of client projects and celebrity abode peeks, give followers a sense that any whim can become a well-thought out design. Her latest post that had us making a renovate list was her musings on outdoor inspirations. The variety of bohemian backyard paradise to urban-cool hangout, with southern garden gathering in between is giving us some weekend projects to seriously think about.

Katie's Room (Photo Courtesy of JWS Interiors)


Kitchen Design (Photo Courtesy of JWS Interiors)


Rossiter Brigter Room (Photo Courtesy of JWS Interiors)

Stephanie's Living Room (Photo Courtesy of JWS Interiors)



Lauren Clement of Lauren Nicole Designs

Lauren Nicole Designs

“I Listen and Beautiful Happens” is Lauren Clement’s mantra, and boy does she deliver, not only in her one-on-one work with her clients but also through her blog.

What draws us to this site is Clement’s project snapshots—not only of her clients’ homes but her home as well—that show a space that is already set in stone and the ingenious ways of taking it to another level. Simple fixes include dramatically changing the feel of a vanilla hallway into a room of its own, and transforming a backyard full of green into a relaxing retreat.

Another plus, Clement takes readers through the steps not only of the designs, but the relationships that are part of the renovations as well—who hasn’t wanted to take over a husband’s “space” and make it their own?

Dining Room (Photo Courtesy of Lauren Nicole Designs)

Living Room (Photo Courtesy of Lauren Nicole Designs)

Office (Photo Courtesy of Lauren Nicole Designs)

Patio (Photo Courtesy of Lauren Nicole Designs)

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