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Pick-Up Lines That Literally Fall Flat

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

We’ve all heard the cheesy lines. But a couple of readers this week shared pick-up stories that veered toward the bizarre side.

One reader attempted to flirt, but it didn’t work out so well.

“I was at a friend’s pool party and noticed a beautiful woman sitting at the edge of the pool. I gathered the courage to go up to her, and as I said hello I tripped over one of those noodles and fell into the water. It really got embarrassing when my friends started laughing.”—Clumsy

It was probably difficult to play that one off. But hey, you entertained everyone watching. It could’ve been worse; at least the water caught your fall instead of the cement. But the big question I’m sure we all have on our minds is: Did she talk to you after that? Or did she just join in the laughter?

“Getting hit on at the doctor’s office? That’s lame. One time a guy tried his best to flirt with me while I was deciding between melons at the grocery store. He approached me and explained how to choose the best melon. I thought he was just being helpful at first, but then he asked if I wanted to join him for melon balls and wine that evening. No!”—Melonee

Sounds like this guy’s a melon connoisseur. Did you make sure to ask him, before you said no, what type of melon and wine pair well together?

Initiating conversation with somebody you’re interested in is not easy. You may give it your best shot and fall flat, sometimes literally. Don’t over-think it. Oftentimes, the best way to flirt is through body language, eye contact and a smile.

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4 Responses

Allyson Says:

a boy (cough cough *my now boyfriend of six years* cough cough) once asked me, “how much does a polar bear weigh?” — intrigued at this odd way to start a conversation, i inevitably asked, “i don’t know…how much?” — his response, “enough to break the ice, my name’s Chris.” haha priceless. helps that he is super cute and funny…but still, fun pick up line that actually worked! although, if the girl tries to answer the question, it could get awkward…”umm 500 lbs?”

Clayton Says:

Were you at the post office yesterday? Cuz I could of sworn u were checking out my package…

Roger Rabbit Says:

I find that being yourself is best. The best pick-up lines are ones that come so naturally that you don’t even know you just did a pick-up line!

Omelette Says:

A guy on the metro kept staring at me in the window. (He was sitting in the seat in front of me – you know how people can look at people by “acting like they are looking out the window.”) Well, he turned around and said, “wow, you have a lot of bags there, huh? What are they all for?” Followed by, “Look what you did, I was caught staring and talking to a pretty girl and you made me miss my metro stop. Do you want to grab a drink now since I am getting off your stop?” Not only was his move completely obvious, but he was way too aggressive. He tried too hard and his actions were predictable. You can tell his lines/words were similar to what he has previously used on women. Just another loser in D.C.

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