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In the past couple of months, I’ve received business cards saying, “Trial Attorney,” “Special Agent” and “Financial Director.” Okay, so it’s not exactly romantic, but NoVA has been using business cards for years when it’s come to meeting people. These are now relics compared to the new trend, FlipMe Cards. But with sayings like, “Don’t Look Now But You’re Being Watched” and “I Play Games It’s Your Move,” the new fad is getting mixed reviews from readers.

“I think it’s a gimmick that really doesn’t work. You might as well buy a greeting card and hand it to them. You’re hiding behind a mask at a masquerade ball. Eventually the mask will have to come off. I prefer the direct approach, the old fashion way of going up to someone and having a conversation. We’re getting more impersonal due to technology, and things are too cutesy nowadays. There’s so much you can tell by how someone asks you out.” – Rae

“I think this is a great idea for women in today’s society. This new way of getting to know someone is easier than flirting but saves you the embarrassment of online dating. It is simple and easy for people to access. What’s great about it is that you don’t have to do all the talking right there on the spot. You just slip them the card and viola. The ball is now in their court.” – V

“The idea of giving a business card that has a flirtatious statement on it is making a potential relationship less spontaneous. If a woman came up to me and gave me a card with a website, I’d laugh.” – Taker

Most of us agree that it’s in today out tomorrow. But if you’re sold on this trend, visit www.flipme.com. E-mail me your relationship stories at littleredbook@northernvirginiamag.com. Next week we’ll look at the latest divorce statistics and success rates.


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Kelly Says:

In my opinion, even with the advancement in technology there is no reason why you can’t walk up to someone and engage in a conversation if you want to meet someone new. Especially if you are looking to go on a date with this person, you’re going to have to talk to them face to face eventually. Giving a business card with a flirty saying on it will just be embarrassing when it comes time to see this person and talk to them. That is, if they contact you after the lame approach of a business card exchange. Gain some confidence and straight up say it if you want to go on a date. This little fad should definitely be reconsidered by anyone who was about to use it.

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