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A Woman’s Perfect Day

Take away your desk job, traffic congestion, lines at the grocery store, crying kids, homework, bills, cleaning the house, and sleepless nights. What are you left with?

An ideal day.

According to an article published by the Huffington Post, the Journal of Economic Psychology discovered that an average woman’s “perfect” day involves a whole lot more fun than it does work. No shocker, but check out other findings that might raise your eyebrows.

The Average Woman’s Ultimate Day Includes:

106 minutes of sex, 82 minutes of socializing, 78 minutes of relaxation, 75 minutes of eating, 73 minutes of prayer and/or meditation, 68 minutes of exercise, 57 minutes of phone time, 56 minutes of shopping, 55 minutes of watching TV, 50 minutes of food preparation, 48 minutes of computer time, 47 minutes of housework, 46 minutes of childcare, 46 minutes of napping, 36 minutes of work, 33 minutes of commuting

Researchers interviewed over 900 women of various ages and ethnicities. An interesting finding according to researchers is the longer that pleasurable activities last, the less enjoyable they become. Bottom line: quality beats quantity.

Do the findings represent what your perfect day would look like? If not, post your list below. Men, share with us your ultimate day? Is there anything missing from the list?

Let me know!! E-mail your questions, anecdotes, dilemmas, or responses to me at littleredbook@northernvirginiamag.com.


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6 Responses

Jita Says:

I’d have to say that most of this doesn’t apply to me. I can still have an ideal day that includes homework, and excercise, and cleaning. The only factor needed to make my day ideal is for me to have done what I really wanted to do that day. For example, let’s say it’s Friday and I want to go to King’s Dominion. I’ll go to class, do my homework, and clean my room. After doing that I’ll spend the rest of the day at Kings Dominion and consider it one of my ideal days. However,trying to make a day that includes work ideal is a different story, but thankfully there are weekends. :)

Dennise Says:

I agree with everything this list points out. Personally as a woman that sounds like a perfect day! But reality is that most women now don’t have enough time to do everything in that list because we are faced with so many responsibilities throughout the day. An ideal day for me however, apart from the one listed above, would be an early morning workout, followed by class, a productive day at work, a good lunch, and “me” time after work. Even though the list above sounds way more interesting and fun i doubt i would be able to fit everything in one day. Of course weekends are a whole different story. They are composed of more productive, pleasurable activities.

michelle Says:

I agree with above the article. I am the student, so I do not do lots of thing. An ideal day for me, just keep doing the homework or helping my mom. However, as I can see my mom. She is working, working , and working everyday. No time for her like exercise, phone time, shopping,and watching TV etc. She gets stress with all of things that she does, on the other hand, she likes to do that for my family. Because, that is the she can do for us.

Ryan Harmouche Says:

First off I have to say that some of those findings shocked me, but as a male I can relate to some of the stats. My perfect day would start off at around 12 o’clock after a good nights sleep and a little sleeping in. Then Id wash up and grab some breakfast at I-hop or something similar to that. After that contact a couple of buddies and kill some time by playing video games. Following the video games would be the time to exercise. in my perfect day id play 2 solid hours of pickup soccer then maybe work out for a half hour. After working out I would get my favorite combo at chipotle while watching a movie or sports game. After lunch I would take a nap for an hour to liven my self up and then Id grad some dinner with my best buddies at a steak house or Italian restaurant. Finally after lunch I would go out with my friends and socialize with people wherever we went. After a long night of partying I would stumble back to my room and check in for the rest of the night. thats my perfect day

Rauf Rasulov Says:

Sometimes I wish I was a woman so I could have my pick at one of the hundreds of guys that constantly hit on me on a monthly basis and enjoy my daily 106 minutes of sex!

While my days aren’t as spontaneous, I still attempt to make the best of each and every day. The morning starts with my iPad playing a relaxing tune to awake me from my slumber. This is followed by a dizzy march down the stairs to the kitchen where I either make a brief meal or gulp down some cereal. Because I work from home, as soon as breakfast is over, I return to my room and begin responding to emails and contacting clients via telephone. A few hours later in the afternoon, I attempt to get as much done as possible before heading off to school. After school, I typically go straight to the gym; either with friends or by myself. I spend two to three hours there working out and going for a brief 30 minute swim. After which, my day comes to a conclusion with me finishing up school assignments and going back to slumber.

JA-007 Says:

First off, I could not agree more with that last statement, “the longer that pleasurable activities last, the less enjoyable they become.” I could never spend more than 1-2 hours doing something I enjoy. Also, although the study was done on “various ages” it seems as though the the older, married women with children had greater influence in the results than the younger high school/college women. I could be wrong, but it would be interesting to see the numbers in regard to that study.

With that said, as a male, full-time college student, my perfect day would include waking up after a decent night of sleep (at least 6 hours), and going to class. After class, I would study a moderate portion of each subject and make sure I am caught up or, if possible, get a little bit ahead. Afterwards, it would be nice to spend some time exercising and then socializing with friends. I’m not a party person whatsoever and maintaining a few good friends and socializing with them is what keeps me happy.

On days where I have to volunteer, work, etc my “ideal” day can still be altered to include them as well.

But, keep in mind this is an “ideal” or “perfect” day; it happens once every blue moon.

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