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A Good Day

Sure, we would all like to have more time to kick back with our family and friends, catch up on our favorite hobbies, and watch a new blockbuster movie. The “perfect” day seems to be doing exactly what you want without having to do anything at all. But in our career-driven society, a few readers point out that a great day is not only what you make of it, but it also means being productive at school or at work.

“…I can still have an ideal day that includes homework, and exercise and cleaning. The only factor needed to make my day ideal is for me to have done what I really wanted to do that day. For example, let’s say it’s Friday and I want to go to King’s Dominion. I’ll go to class, do my homework, and clean my room. After doing that I’ll spend the rest of the day at Kings Dominion and consider it one of my ideal days…” – Jita

“…My perfect day would start off at around 12 o’clock after a good night’s sleep…Then I’d wash up and grab some breakfast at I-hop…After that, contact a couple of buddies and kill some time by playing video games…In my perfect day I’d play two solid hours of pickup soccer then maybe work out for a half hour. After working out I would get my favorite combo at chipotle while watching a movie or sports game. After lunch I would take a nap for an hour to liven myself up, and then I’d grad some dinner with my best buddies at a steak house or Italian restaurant. Finally, I would go out with my friends and socialize with people wherever we went. After a long night of partying I would stumble back to my room and check in for the rest of the night. That’s my perfect day.” – Ryan

 “…An ideal day for me would be an early morning workout, followed by class, a productive day at work, a good lunch, and “me” time after work…” – Dennise

 “…An ideal day for me, just keep doing homework or helping my mom….She is working, working, working every day. No time for her like exercise, phone time, shopping, and watching TV. She gets stressed with all the things that she does. On the other hand, she likes to do that for my family…” – Michelle

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-Katie Greenan

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3 Responses

Isaiah Landerer Says:

My ideal day would have to be a day that i wouldn’t have anything required for me to do. making my own decisions on what i want to do that day rather than being obligated to going to school, work etc. The ideal day is a day with nothing to do other then what i want to do

Alexis Says:

My ideal day would be one starting with me waking up no earlier than 11:00, getting a full nights rest… I would have a great breakfast and wear a cute outfit. I would share great laughs with friends and possibly go shopping (without a guilty conscious about spending money). I would try to fit in another activity like a movie or a good workout, then go out with friends for dinner and a fun party. My ideal day would not include any studying or homework :)

Rahul chopra Says:

Idealistically a perfect day is when you plan things in accordance to priorities. Yes your family is first priority but again who would like to have the son/daughter not career oriented. Learning from my past experiences, I have started changing my priorities by differentiating between my needs and wants for example you need Education but you want to have fun. So give priority to your needs by living discipline life. Progress and your family will be standing beside you but if you follow opposite rule Progress will be left behind and your family pities you. Decision is yours!

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