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I met my brother’s new girlfriend on Thanksgiving at my parents’ house in Indiana. There are many similarities between this young lady, Yinan (pronounced E-non), and his previous girlfriend, Elizabeth. Before she came over, my brother and I reminded my mom not to accidentally call her by his ex girlfriend’s name (my mother has done this in the past with my ex’s). However, the inevitable occurred; she called my brother’s new girlfriend Elizabeth.

And not just once, but three times! The first time was, well, awkward and I could empathize with Yinan. But the second and third time it happened, we were simply embarrassed. Yinan took it very well, perhaps because we all made light of it instead of pretending it didn’t happen. Fortunately, she laughed it off and took it in stride. Knowing my mother the way we do, we know it was a slip and not purposeful. She’s like that.

My brother pulled me aside and told me that even he almost referred to his new girlfriend as Elizabeth a few times.

What are your stories from Thanksgiving? Did you have any close calls, mishaps, or fiascos?

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CA24 Says:

There was nothing special about my thanksgiving. I went to the gym in the morning. Later that day I went to my uncle’s house and ate a lot of food. We also watched some football.The next day I saw the new James Bond movie. It was entertaining.

A11130 Says:

Well this thanksgiving was very relaxing and crazy at my house with my family and some family friends that came over for dinner. Everything started okay as we only were expecting about 10 people max to come over. Once dinner started everything was going well and about 15 minutes after dinner started another 10 unexpected people came over and they were also family friends but were not really invited in the first place. We couldnt kick them out so they had to come in and then everything was pretty crazy because there was too many people. In spite of all that everybody had good time and it was a good Thanksgiving.

Roger Smith Says:

I think everybody has had atleast one awkward moment during the holiday seasons. I, unfortunately have had multiple ones. The latest being just this past thanksgiving when my father’s family friend’s daughter decided to bring a few of her outspoken sorority sisters. I didn’t mind them and the dinner went well. We all came to a consensus to take a drive down to Zuma Beach in Malibu, approximately 20 minutes from my house. The daughter’s name was Anna, and she had a cousin who had spent the summer in California. We had all hung out along with one of my friends Omar. When her sorority sisters Vicki and Melissa heard, they quickly jumped the gun and wondered who I thought was more attractive. Anna and I glanced at one another and she quickly tried to change the subject however her sisters did not budge. Little did they know that Omar had tried to gain Anna’s favor and on the same life guard house we were sitting at Anna’s cousin and I were left alone. Luckily I quickly passed it off by asking them which one of my friends they found more attractive. And for sorority sisters that is all you need.

Harmain Says:

This Thanksgiving my dad took us (family of 6) to Kentucky. Why Kentucky? Well my dad loves traveling and we’ve been all over the east coast, and this state just happened to be next on the list.

Either way, we went to Mammoth Cave containing 390 miles worth of underground passages, the longest cave system in the world! It was pretty amazing but as we went for our first tour, my dad was a little spooked by all the health warnings the tour guide was going on about; specifically claustrophobia. He’s really not, but the idea of it was really unpleasant. He was very close of backing out, but in the end made it through. The cave turned out to be spectacular and we all learned all sorts of facts like how it would have cost 200 dollars to visit the cave back in the late 1800′s.

Overall the trip was great, until I came back to a weeks worth of assignments…


Anonymous Says:

My family is not extremely formal or anything-on Thanksgiving, but we always have a good time. Typically we do not have as big of a family day as many families do, however we do invite our close friends who are not as blessed with a stable family life. This Thanksgiving was unusually different for everyone at our home. My family invited one of our good friend’s mom for dinner. Her son, who is a Green Beret, is a well-loved and treasured friend of mine. Unfortunately he could not be here this year because he is over seas in Afghanistan. His mother however was invited to come to the feast. Much to our surprise, she showed up completely intoxicated and made a bit of a scene to say the least. During the prayer before dinner, she stood up and added her own prayer. Her prayer went on and on not making much sense until my brother yelled out, “AMEN!” and my mother assisted her to be seated again. She also continued to curse and scream out things that no one understood. I think the climax throughout the night was when she hugged everyone goodnight and then bit the men, young and old, on the ear! That was probably the icing on the top to add to the awkwardness. In spite of all of this irritation, I think everyone dealt with it appropriately and still made the most of enjoying time with one another.

Isaiah Landerer Says:

My thanksgiving was pretty normal, I watched football ate a lot of food and spent time with the family. I did go to the mall with some friends that night. it was crazy because of black Friday you could barely walk.

ジョージ Says:

This Thanksgiving everything turned out great except the turkey. The coil in my oven sizzled and burst half way through the turkey’s cooking time. Fortunately, my next door neighbor was kind enough to spare her oven for me to use. And without realizing it I cooked the turkey upside down, when my mom went to carve it there was barely any meat on it. Wondering where all the meat went,I started dismembering the turkey determined to get something out of the darn thing. As I pulled bits of meat off the bird, I noticed they were dark. I flipped the thing over and there hiding was the breast. I had forgotten I flipped it over for cooking and left it that way when I took it out. all in all, it still turned out to be a great thanksgiving.

Johnny Says:

Like many families, my direct family has many relatives over for the big turkey dinner, so as the relatives kept coming in and getting settled they always have the same question for me “how’s (ex girlfriend)” with follow up questions like “is it weird that you go to the same school?” before i would even get the chance to tell them that we had previously broken up, and it was a rather bad one at that. So eventually my sister got back from university and right when she saw me she said “how are things with (Ex)” I snapped in front of my whole family. “I DONT KNOW HOW SHE IS BECAUSE WE BROKE UP TWO MONTHS AGO!” needless to say no one else asked my about her for the rest of the night.

Becca Says:

This year, my family and I celebrated thanksgiving at a friend’s house. It was my first time home after being away for three months so it was nice to catch up with my family and friends. But before I went to my family friend’s house for thanksgiving, I spent my morning at the park playing football with some of my high school friends. Now I’m not very good at playing football and it really showed on that day. I was trying to throw the football to my boyfriend but instead of going straight towards my boyfriend it ended up hitting my boyfriend’s face. Needless to say, I spent the rest of my time at the park holding an ice pack to my boyfriend’s face.

KiiD DaDi Says:

Every thanksgivings, I spent some time at my girlfriend’s house. But, this thanksgiving, things were not quite working well at the beginning of the day.
In the morning, my girlfriend got in to a very heated argument with her parents, about how she always come late at night when she goes out with her sister, and about how they don’t really approve our relationship. So, at the certain point, her father slapped her because of how impolitely she was responding to them (It is a very strict African family, and no matter how right a child is, he must not respond to his parents. And if he does so, the parents should beat the child; that is the culture). So, my girlfriend became so aggravated that she tried to leave the house. I went to stop her, brought her back, spoke to her a to calm her down and explained her how her parents reaction were normal and how the situation would have worsened if she did not come back. Then, a couple hours later, after a long reflection and talk with her sister, she went to apologize to her parents and everything got back to normal.
At night, we all went out to a friend’s house, gorge ourselves with turkey, talked all night with each other. We eventually had a good time. However, I was still concerned with her parents’ disapproval. They did not tell me directly that they do not appreciate our relationship, and hopefully, they will realize that I am a potentially great son-in-law.

Moe Says:

This Thanksgiving a friend of mine came to visit me from different state, but she came with people who I do not really know. When she told them that she will stay for little while with us. Her friends who came with her got little uncomfortable with that because they said to her you came with us then you should stay with us. I felt that there was a little conflict, so I told her she could stay with them and we could go all together somewhere, but she managed to explain to them. Then, later on we had good time and on the following day we went to do some shopping

Anon Says:

My Thanksgiving was special because two of my extended families moved here from Korea this year and we finally had a traditional Thanksgiving with relatives instead of close family friends. We finally had everything my brothers and I say on Thanksgiving specials; Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, pumpkin pie, you name it.The adults chatted in the living room while us “kids” went off on our own little adventure and had a blast. It felt nice to finally have a “real” Thanksgiving…but we were still forced to use chopsticks

Anonymous Says:

This year was the first year that my brother brought a long-term girlfriend to Thanksgiving, and my mother naturally was intent on making the evening a success. The next part probably should have been expected. Our oven wouldn’t heat, we took it out and the butter and bullion cubes hadn’t even melted yet. This was an absolute travesty for my mother, she couldn’t believe what had happened. In order to make sure the night wasn’t a terrible disaster I quickly moved to see if there was anything I could do. I tried everything to get it to work. I checked the sensor, I made sure the chip wasn’t fried, I even checked to make sure it was plugged in. Eventually I gave up, we had to use the smaller upper oven or we wouldn’t have a turkey. The problem was that there was no way it was going to fit, the roof was too low. So while everyone was eating shrimp and cheese crackers I was ripping apart the turkey with my bare hands in the hope it would work. Thankfully I was able to get it down to a manageable size and we were able to have our turkey for Thanksgiving.

JA_007 Says:

This Thanksgiving was quite uneventful. So, it was a perfect opportunity to get work done.

Of course, that didn’t happen. But, I did manage to prepare my speech for my public speaking course, at least one day in advance. When I delivered my speech upon returning to school, it was very satisfying to deliver with confidence. I had it well memorized and I was able to focus on my delivery rather than what to say next. It made a huge difference. If I was to rewind time for this course, I’d definitely try to prepare for speeches at least 1-2 days in advance, regardless of how much other work I have to do. Really, all of life’s activities should be prepared in advance. It makes life so much smoother.

John the Baptist Says:

This Thanksgiving was the first time my family and I got together since I left home for college and my older sister moved to Atlanta. At first it felt surreal to be eating Thanksgiving dinner with my family again. After we began eating it felt like the old days in high school; where my sister would tell my parents stories about what she’s been up to and I would thrown in witty remarks. Although, unfortunately it started to feel exactly like high school once we got deep into the meal. My parents still treat my sister as if she is a teenager. They treat me as if I’m a preteen and my sister still seems to believe she has the power over me that she had when we were little when she babysat me. I see now that no matter what I become or achieve I will always be seen as the their kid/little brother. But they mean well and as long as they let me live in our home I’m fine with that.

MH Says:

My friend got married last week and I visited them on Thanksgiving day. They looked so great together!

Dennise Says:

This thanksgiving my current boyfriend decided to join us for dinner. As happy as i was i completely forgot my ex boyfriends family was also going to join us. I know it may sound wrong but my ex’s family and my family get alone so well that they join us for holidays. So as we were giving thanks my younger brother calls them both the wrong names! Even though they have no problem with each others presence it caused an awkward silence at the table both time.

michelle Says:

My thanksgiving is normal. I just spent my time with family and my boyfriend. My mom and I prepared the food and myfather and my boyfriend were gardening. Also, my boyfriend and I visit the outlet for blackfriday. That is all my thanksgivingday.

Laina Says:

My Thanksgiving was pretty normal. We had just us 4 and my boyfriend this year which was a first time thing. He actually came over early that morning to cook the ham as well as many other side dishes. We all sat down to eat and my dad had his fun grilling my boyfriend, but it was all in good fun. We all had a great time. Luckily my crazy grandma wasn’t there to give us all massive headaches.

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