Dixie Bones

13440 Occoquan Road
Woodbridge, VA 22191

CUISINE Barbecue, Southern

PRICE $$ ($13-$20)

HOURS Open for lunch and dinner daily; Sunday brunch.



NVM AWARDS Best Bargain Restaurant 2006
Best Bargain Restaurant 2008



Kids Menu
Accepts Credit Cards

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NVM Review

(May 2008)

By Warren Rojas

Pay homage to all that is pork by ordering a starch bomb of a stuffed potato ($6.95) brimming with pulled pork (inhale the smoke, savor the supple swine), shredded cheddar, cool sour cream and diced onions, then tear into a half-rack of terribly juicy spareribs ($14.95) caked in sticky-sweet barbecue sauce.

(April 2007)

By Warren Rojas

Devout or not, everybody has to shore up their strength on Sunday to prepare for the week ahead. And while the worshipping masses may part company when it comes to their individual beliefs, disciples of stick-to-your-ribs-good barbecue can be found communing at Dixie Bones for what has become an unofficial after-church tradition.

Extended families squeeze into the narrow booths and risk despoiling their Sunday’s best to enjoy the heavenly arrangement of steaming barbecue, savory sides and made-from-scratch desserts.

A basket of hard rolls caters to the make-your-sandwich enthusiast in all of us. Slow-roasted beef brisket is tender, meaty and comes alive with a splash of the tomatoey house marinade (black topped bottle on each table). Clusters of shredded swine are quite fine, but get even better when crowned with the homemade slaw and a squirt of vinegar sauce (red topped bottle). Grilled Italian sausages are sweet, stocky snacks. The homemade macaroni and cheese is dripping with real melted cheddar yet never devolves into an oily mess. A heartwarming slice of pecan pie bears chopped pecans on top, a bubbling, sugary brown mash beneath, and a hearty flour crust to hold it all together.

(May 2006)

By Warren Rojas

It’s said good things come to those who wait. Someone needs to come up with a similar adage for those who brave I-95 to visit Dixie Bones, a suburban barbecue haven.

A charming spot where upside-down colanders serve as lampshades and skillet-fried cornbread is always cooking, Dixie Bones does hickory smoked barbecue like nobody’s business. The restaurant offers four main sauce selections: Alabama-style (zesty mix of lemon, vinegar and herbs), North Carolina-style (tangy vinegar), a spicy tomato blend (good for ramping up the ribs or barbecue beef sandwich) and a regular tomato sauce (strictly for seasoning).

The giant stuffed potatoes ($6.95) live up to the hype, revealing a massive spud covered with butter, sour cream, chopped onions and shredded cheese and then capped with the barbecue meat of your choice. Pork ribs ($13.95, half rack; $21.95, full rack) are sloppy good. Sliced brisket ($4.95, sandwich; $10.95, platter) is rich and hearty, featuring smoky but sweet meat. Pulled pork ($4.55, sandwich; $9.95, platter) is moist and delicious. Pulled chicken ($4.95, sandwich; $10.95, platter) is good. Sunday buffet (noon to 3:30 p.m.) includes all-you-can-eat pork, beef and chicken, with all the sides and cornbread for just $9.95 per person ($5.75 for children).

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